How to Get the Most Out of Your Last Days of Summer

Phineas and Ferb calendar from theme songThe end of summer and the start of the fall semester are right around the corner. These last few weeks could be either the best or the most stressful days depending on how you choose to spend the last days of summer.

Here are a few tips on what you could do to get the most out of your last days of summer before heading to college.

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Take a break from social media

As scary as that sounds, taking a break from social media for just a few days, especially before heading to college, gives you the room to be more productive. Your Instagram might be filled with all your #summervacay pictures but as it is almost time to get back to the grind, you have time to minimize social media use by the time you go back to college. This will also help you enjoy and appreciate your last days of summer

Plan to spend time with your family and friends                           

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Once you get back to college, you may wish you spent more time with the people that are close to you back home. When that happens usually it means you are “homesick.” To avoid being homesick after only a week of college, make plans to spend more time with your family and friends now. Whether it’s a short road trip, late night board games, or just eating together, be open to spending time with them. Go to a concert with your friends or watch a movie with your family. Do whatever to avoid the early onset of homesickness.

Take care of last-minute college stuff

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If you are a last-minute person, now is your time to get things done. Whether you need to buy the essentials for your dorm or make travel arrangements, these few weeks give you the time to figure out the last minute stuff you need to take care of.

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