Why You Should Join an IUDM Committee

Money raised at IU dance marathon

Often times students on such a large campus feel overwhelmed and unimportant. With over 40,000 students it’s hard to find a place you feel at home, or discover your “thing.” It’s so important to feel needed and to feel like you’re apart of something bigger than yourself. This is why being a part of an IUDM committee was so important to me. My first semester of college was amazing, but I often felt like I wasn’t doing anything meaningful or rewarding. I missed being involved in large organizations like I was in high school.

IU Dance Marathon

I was fortunate enough to hear about IU Dance Marathon and applied to be on a committee early on in the New Year. I am on the PR committee and honestly couldn’t imagine what being on a different committee, or not meeting the friends I have, would be like. The connections you form, and the friendships you make will last a lifetime. The opportunity is truly one of a kind. How often do you have a room full of 70+ people supporting you, inspiring you, and constantly striving to reach the same goal as you each week?

For 9 months, committee members work together, inspire each other, hangout together, and rely on one another.

IU Dance Committee

Everyone has heard the expression, “one person can make a difference,” and honestly before IUDM I didn’t believe this was true. How could 1 person make a difference substantial enough to amount to anything? This experience has shown me how crucial each person of our committee truly is, and how vital each individual is. We’re making a difference individually, but implementing a change as a whole.

My oPRaba (once PR always bad-ass) family helped me find my “thing”.
Join an IUDM committee if you want to form lifelong friendships, work for something bigger than yourself, and discover yourself and what you stand for.

“Do something great.”

IU Dance Committee

Kaitlyn Beck