Why I Love Student Government at Indiana University

Some of the best things IU has to offer to those who want to be involved are the more than 750 student organizations on campus. Personally, I was very impressed at my first Student Involvement Fair in the Fall semester of my Freshman year. There were philanthropy and community service organizations, various fraternities and sororities, club sports, academic organizations, student government organizations, and basically everything I could, or could not, imagine.

The first student organization I was involved in was Briscoe Student Government, which is one of the branches of RHA Hall Councils. I served as a Diversity Director, aiming to provide and maintain a diverse and inclusive living environment at Briscoe Residence Hall. I, initially, wanted to try to run for this position because I wanted to use my international background to bridge the cultural gaps for people. While it was not a heavy daily duty to work for a student government, I did work a lot specifically on coming up with ideas and transforming them into programming events at the residence hall. Throughout the year, we successfully held larger scale events, such as the Latino Cultural Night and the World Religion Holiday. Meanwhile, we also distributed free recycling bins at student dorm rooms following our sustainability initiative, won the energy challenge, and raised money for Flint water crisis.

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The Spring semester is IUSA campaign season. I was lucky enough to be involved with the REAL campaign to help develop the campaign platform. The two policy focuses I was passionate about were sustainable transportation on campus and international student engagement. After being elected, I now work as one of the Co-Chiefs of Diversity and Inclusion for the current IUSA administration. For the first two months, my Co-Chief and I collectively set up liaisons for all cultural centers and included them as part of our committee. We also had conversations with culture center directors, student leaders, and the administrations to better understand the need for a more inclusive campus for all.

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Before college, I was not involved with any student government clubs. However, by talking to peers and utilizing campus resources, I found my new passion as a student leader and I look forward to the upcoming years.‚Äč

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