Tips to Finding the Perfect Club

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It is the beginning of a new semester and a new year. Maybe the “new” you wants to explore the clubs and organizations that IU has to offer. According to the Division of Student Affairs, there are over 750 to choose from! That means everyone can find the right fit or start a new one! As the current president of an IU student organization that promotes global friendships and diversity (Brothers & Sisters at IU) I can support the fact that involvement through clubs, intramural sports, and other organizations, has a positive impact on each student’s Hoosier experience.

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Here are some tips for finding the best club, organization or sport for you!

  1. Go to involvement fairs

I cannot stress this enough. Just this past week on January 11th in Alumni Hall of the IMU, the Winter Involvement Fair (WIF) took place. My organization itself recruited over twenty new members, which is fantastic compared to the club’s recent numbers. That is twenty new people, of different ages, who were interested in promoting global awareness, and acceptance of other cultures. There is also a Fall Involvement Fair that takes place shortly after the fall semester commences. I met the founders of Brothers & Sisters at IU during the fall involvement fair of 2015 and never looked back.


  1. Research on BeInvolved

BeInvolved is the perfect resource for exploring all the clubs and organizations that are registered with the Student Life and Learning section of the Division of Student Affairs. There is a tab labeled Organizations which then has a complete list of all clubs, organizations, and club sports. Furthermore, the list can be navigated by category as well. You can even register your club online!

  1. Ask friends and classmates about their campus involvement

While you may want to join clubs that consist of members outside of your typical friend group, it really can open up more opportunities to listen and ask friends or classmates about the different clubs, organizations and sports they have tried while at IU. I promote the organizations I personally tried but didn’t stick with because some of my friends and or peers hold interests that pertain to those clubs. Each person can provide a unique perspective to different clubs and might know something that could catch your interest.

  1. Try any club, organization, or sport of interest at least once

Not once have I said in my three years at IU that I regret trying a club. I tried Harry Potter Society and GlobeMed. Both of these are fantastic things to join! I tried Intramural Soccer (futsal signups are happening right now!) and loved it. You don’t even have to officially join to appreciate the experience that anything of interest in these categories can bring you. Go to a callout meeting at the beginning of the semester, ask questions, or go watch a intramural/club sporting event. You might end up liking it!

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There is no excuse for not becoming involved during your years at IU!

Bailey Tingley
Bailey Tingley

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