Spring Semester Blues?

Sample Gates in the winter, covered in snow
Snow falls in front of the Sample Gates and Kirkwood Avenue at IU Bloomington on Thursday, March 7, 2019.

Spring semester can sometimes be a challenge for students of every age. The days are shorter, and the temperature drops, making it that much harder to walk from one class to the other. Sometimes the new classes can seem harder when deadlines creep up right before the elusive beginning of spring break. How do you stay focused and driven when the slump before spring break has a death grip?

I’ve found that one of the best ways to stay motivated in the spring months is staying involved on campus. Just because the weather has gotten colder, campus is still bustling with activities. Recently, Chef Freddie Bitsoie visited Wells Library and showed the eager audience how he makes fantastic meals inspired by his Native heritage. Students that stuck around for the presentation were allowed to sample some of his cooking, and it was a huge hit! This event was hosted by the Indiana Remixed. This is a months-long celebration of the current arts and cultures that have shaped the state, “with an entire semester of performances, film screenings, guest speakers, and exhibits, Indiana Remixed will explore vital questions about the ways we create art, community, and meaning in our state.”

These are great opportunities to stay up to date with campus, and while you’re there you can get your Crimson Card scanned for attendance by Hoosier Experience assistants. They’ll make sure you are on track to receiving your First-Year Hoosier Experience Achievement Award.

But sometimes even going to campus-arranged events can get to be a lot. If you’re stuck on some homework and don’t have time to go relax at an event it’s always a good idea to get friends involved. Meeting up at Wells or the IMU with a few friends or classmates to work on homework can be surprisingly helpful, while also letting you relax. Even if everyone puts on their individual music and works on their own projects—it’s nice to know people are working with you. And who knows, maybe you’ll be able to take a break with a star chef and be able to taste some of it after!

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