Inside The Student Government : Willkie Edition

Students cheer with Wilkie banner

In the words of Willkie’s student government, “leadership through service” is what we believe in. Our passion for making Willkie’s residents feel like they are right at home is what drives us.

Every Tuesday, we have a meeting to discuss our game plan for how we want Willkie to be represented. As a team, we talk about events to organize for our residents; the steps we can take to make inclusivity a priority; and ways to make Willkie sustainable by methods like recycling, low power consumption, and water conservation. We also talk about budget allocations and vote as a government on any bills proposed. Our student government is a place for ideas to be shared, opinions to be heard, and concerns to be discussed. It is always an open-ended discussion where every member of the government makes a contribution.
Wilkie poster/paint on the floor
In addition to all the serious stuff, we are also active participants in all the fun stuff! We as a government took part in the “banner painting” before the homecoming parade and also represented our residence center by walking in the parade! We are organizing a Halloween contest for the residents of Willkie in order to improve social interactions among residents.

Currently, a few more of our own events are in the works and I am looking forward to working on them. I am really grateful to have the opportunity to work with such an outstanding group of hardworking people, whose ultimate goal is to make Willkie the best and a safe place to live on campus.

At the end of the day, quoting one of our members’ favorite line, “Where there’s a Willkie, there’s a way!!”

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