Goodbye Annual Resolutions, Hello New Perspective

Each year before this one, I’ve tried to make a bucket list full of goals for the new year. While the idea of a bucket list is really great, I don’t think I’m alone when I say we all know how it goes. The first two weeks, you stick to that bucket list like glue. You’re feeling great — you’ve been hitting the gym every day, you haven’t eaten chocolate in days, and you’ve already bought tickets for Luke Bryan’s summer tour. You’re on a roll.

I am pumped!

But by the time February comes around, the bucket list has been left in the dust. Day fifteen came around and you ate a Reese’s cup (more like three). Although you already purchased your Luke Bryan ticket, you’ve decided to let go of getting a tattoo this year, and going to a Notre Dame football game has been forgotten too. The roll has come to a stop.

I did the best I could

Because this is the all-too-relatable reality of the bucket list, I’ve decided against making a list that I’ll ultimately end up disappointed with. As 2016 quickly approaches, I’ve decided to simply be better in every aspect of my life. Instead of making specific goals like “go to the gym five days out of the week”, I want to go to the gym more often because it makes me feel great and it’s good for me. I don’t plan on running a 5k under 25 minutes, I plan on running a 5k as fast as I can. If that happens to be under 25 minutes, then its an added bonus.

In 2016, I want to work harder in school because getting good grades is super important to me.

I want to workout more because I want my legs to look like Carrie Underwood’s legs.

I want to be more spontaneous because I want to go outside of my box and make memories that I’ll never forget.

I want to work on being more patient because my impatience is one of my biggest weaknesses.

I want to be more kind because the world really needs to be led by example right now.

I want to eat less pizza & dessert and more fruits & vegetables because I want to nourish my body, not bog it down.

I want to read more because it’s what I love to do and it’s a huge part of my major AND my career goal.

I want to try new things because I want to grow as a person.

I want to accomplish all of these things, and I want to actually accomplish them. So instead of going into 2016 thinking “new year, new me,” I’m going into 2016 thinking “new year, better me.” I will also be channeling my inner Michelle Tanner in 2016.

Little girl looking at ice cream

Have a Happy New Year everyone!

Alyssa Modos
Alyssa Modos

English Major, Future Book Editor, Class of 2018, Fort Wayne, IN

I'm an English major and Marketing minor with the dream of working for a Big Five publisher in the Big Apple. I'm obsessed with my cat, I'm newly addicted to pineapple, and I like to go running for fun. When I'm not at the gym, you can find me buried under blankets in bed watching The Walking Dead. Every Friday is Pizza Friday at my place; it's my own little "slice" (heh heh) of IU Traditions and Spirit. Follow me around online and through social media to get to know IU and how amazing it is. You'll get to know me, too -- I'm a pretty cool person, just throwing that out there. (: Be sure to check me out on Spoon University (where I write about delicious, life-changing food) and The Odyssey (where I write about a little bit of everything).

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