Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone: College Clubs

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It’s October, which means you have successfully survived about three terrifying and exciting months at college. Go you! You’ve probably:

a.) Met several of your floor mates.

b.) Went out to lunch with your chemistry partner in an attempt to get to know him/her a little better (and score those brownie points with them for when you miss a class and they can cover you.)

c.) Attended a few club call-out meetings, trying to find the right fit for you with your hectic schedule.

d.) All of the above!

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From what I’ve learned in the short stay I’ve been at IU, I would like to compare the first couple of months at college to stepping outside of a freezer after an extensive time spent in there. You’re finally leaving the freezer (stepping out and trying something new), and after a couple of hours (or in this case, months), your arms, legs, even face begin to thaw and you are more comfortable in your own skin. My point is, is that you’re out of the freezer now! You had the first month of college to make excuses for simply staying in your dorm room, meeting new people, and have little to no commitment. Now, there should be no excuses! You’re thawed! You’re cured! Get out of that comfort zone and charge ahead! I know, it’s easier said than done, but I’m here to guide you along the way and I’ll be right by your side!

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You. Are. Capable.

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You may not believe it quite yet, especially as you embark on your fifth mental breakdown of today sobbing into the colossal amount of homework you’ve somehow accumulated, even bigger than the pile of laundry the size of an anthill on steroids you still have to do… (if you haven’t already, read my last blog post for a life-saving laundry tip!) If you’re accumulating any of these feelings, realize it’s perfectly normal. More people than you think are in the same boat. Here’s a tip: Stand in front of your mirror and repeat after me, “I’ve got this.” Now, repeat this phrase in the morning, the afternoon, and the evening, all at set times. Keep a schedule of sorts. I know, it sounds pointless, but actually the power of affirmation (even for yourself) can help you make giant leaps in the future regarding trying new things. If you don’t believe in yourself, kid, no one will.

Try. New. Things.

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It’s college! If you are thinking about attending that call-out meeting to be on a committee at the local radio station, or are looking into getting your foot in the door with the biology club, do it! Try this trick: at the beginning of the day, if you learn there is a meeting or an activity you think you would want to attend later than night, put in the back of your mind. Then, if an hour later, you are stillĀ thinking about that said activity or meeting, go! Worried about walking into a room full of strangers with absolutely no clue what to expect? Understandable. Ask your roommate to tag along, just for the first meeting. If begging your roommate to go somewhere with you is as hard as pulling teeth, then make a deal with him/her. You will attend one of their club meetings or activities in exchange to them attending your preferred club meeting. The first group meetings are always awkward, and I’m guaranteeing you, half of the attendees will be freshman as well. No sweat.

Expect. The. Best.

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If you walk into the meeting room with an eye-roll attitude, a grumpy state-of-mind, and a lifeless expression on your face, you’re not going to get out a lot at the meeting. At all. Be prepared to be willing to talk about yourself, but here’s a giant tip I think about 90% of the population fails to do: ask questions! Talk about yourself less, and inquire about others first. People will see your general curiosity as a positive trait and will be drawn towards your infectious attitude (even if you’re sweating bullets). Take notes at meetings, smile, and show general interest for the topic being discussed. There’s nothing direct eye contact and a delightful expression on your face won’t fix.

Use this tips to conquer that meeting you still haven’t worked up the courage to attend yet. Read this blog post to reassure yourself that you are great and that you can do anything you set your mind to. Finally, if you just want to explore my post because of the GIFS, then I appreciate that nonetheless.

Go out and be brave. You’re at IU. I believe in U!

Meredith Struewing
Meredith Struewing

Class of 2021 Media Student

Meredith here! Call me Mere, M, or The Legend. I'm a spunky, 5"2 brunette who is a Macklemore fanatic, a future Great Dane mama, and a runner-up on Family's Feud (By the way, Steve Harvey's mustache is NOT fake.) Fun fact: I don't have a favorite color and if you watch re-runs of "Full House", we can be best friends. I'm from a small town in Southeastern Indiana named Sunman that has a whopping population of 1,000 people. You can find me trying out (and probably failing) a new exercise class at the recreational center, editing news stories for IUSTV, or petting puppies. I'm the host of my very own radio show, "Mere on the Air" which you can catch every Tuesday from 1-2 pm on IU's WIUX 99.1 FM. I'm also a reporter for IUSTV News and a Spring 2018 anchor for IUSTV Sports. I'm extremely excited to see what this year has in store for me and I hope I'm able to let readers take a peek at my life, no matter how insane or quirky it may be!

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