Don’t Be Afraid to Get Involved in More Than One Club

IU proudly has over 750 organizations for its students to become a part of. From Greek life to American Student Radio to The Seinfeld Club (Club About Nothing), IU provides a multitude of spaces for all types of passions or cultural identities to come together under one roof on such a large campus. While each club has its own unique set of personalities and backgrounds, there are clubs that definitely do have things in common. So while one club that you join may not check off every box on your organization checklist, don’t fret. There may be another one out there that does and, by seeking out multiple options, you can find several perfect organizations to keep you occupied after classes are done for the day.

It’s been established that there are many, many clubs on campus. Most of these clubs can be seen at the Involvement Fair held at the beginning of the year or online at BeInvolved, a great tool for those who weren’t able to go to said Involvement Fair, or are just feeling like they need to find a few more activities to add on after the fair has taken place. BeInvolved already categorizes many of the activities, a tool that can be invaluable when you already know you have a passion for one thing or another. These activities are crucial for anyone from a freshman to a senior because it allows you to take a break from your studying and pursue actives that you really want to take part in, as well as introduces you to new people that you may not have met on campus. Each club is unique in its own way and was made for a reason. Because people have a lot more in common with each other on campus than they sometimes realize. In many cases, you can find yourself drawn to more than one club that has elements in common, such as music, performing, volunteering, or business.

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For someone who loves music, you have the ability to choose to join the WIUX radio station, as well as joining the Union Board Music Committee. Without over-stressing yourself, you are now opening yourself up to two separate groups of people you already have something major in common with. The shared elements between these two clubs allow you to pursue your hobbies in differing mediums. This may even mean you discover aspects of your passion that you didn’t realize before, further expanding your self-discovery. If you really love performing, why not join one of the acapella groups like the Crimson Cadence, the University Players or one of the many comedy groups that the campus has to offer such as Backdoor Comedy or Midnight Snack Comedy? If you know you love volunteering, working with Habitat for Humanity on campus, rushing a philanthropic service fraternity, or joining Nourish International are ways to get the most out of your desire to really help people in different, but equally impactful ways.

Taking part in multiple clubs is not only beneficial for your social scene, but also your resume. Getting involved on campus looks great for jobs and you may meet people in each of your clubs who can provide some highly beneficial connections. This is especially helpful in a place like the Kelley School of Business, where clubs often get you in touch with recruiters and other business professionals. So, while joining a Business Fraternity and taking part in the Student Accounting Society may seem like a repeat of certain business elements, each one can present you with new opportunities to meet future employers in differing ways. The benefit of finding several organizations that have common elements is immense. Not only does it broaden your pool of potential friend candidates, but it helps to ensure that even more people on campus have similar things in common with you – something that can be difficult when you are surrounded by over 40,000 people.
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I joined WIUX recently as a freshman because I loved the special events aspect of the club, as well as the music. But I also became Chairman of the Special Events Committee for a volunteer organization, Nourish International. By doing so, I realized that I enjoyed coming up with and planning creative new events to spread awareness. Not only am I tapping into my love for planning events, but I am also expanding my knowledge of the subject and learning how to plan for completely different organizations. This will help me in the future. With this passion set in place, I know I can continue in the future and seek out other opportunities on campus that allow me to broaden my skills.

Choosing clubs with shared elements can make you feel less stressed about your potential social group standings in the long run. Some people definitely value having friends in completely different social groups. In a place like IU, where you meet new people constantly for only a few minutes before moving on, having a few groups with things in common can help you keep track of those with whom you share personal interests. While it may seem like a lot of work to be in multiple clubs at once, it can make a difference in how you view your time here at IU. The best advice I have gotten as a freshman was to get involved. In the beginning, it may seem like college classes will be enough, but you quickly realize the amount of time you have on your hands is more than you expected. By getting involved, you alleviate the desire to sit inside watching Netflix all the time and, instead, you can pursue things that you have always wanted to try.

I’ve tried to get as involved as possible in my first semester of college and, while it does sometimes feel stressful, I know I have, ultimately, managed to meet people I enjoy. By choosing my clubs thoughtfully, I find that I always have a way to introduce myself to someone new. All I have to do is bring up the common interest we have as part of the club. This is the first step to any friendship.

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Shelby Roeder
Shelby Roeder

Accounting major, class of 2020

Hello, I'm Shelby and I'm currently a freshman Kelley Direct Admit majoring in accounting! I'm from a suburb north of Philadelphia, PA. I'm an avid travel planner, picture taker, and movie watcher. I'm a member of the amazing sorority, Theta, Phi Alpha, as well as the WIUX radio station, Nourish International, Student Accounting Society, and now WeAreIU. I love staying busy and hope that I will be able to make the most out of my four years here!

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