Camp Kesem is The Most Magical Place On Earth

Since you clicked on this post, I assume you want some more information about Camp Kesem, what it is like to be a counselor, what the different committees do, why Kesem is so important to people, and of course HOW YOU CAN JOIN!!

What is Camp Kesem?
Camp Kesem is an organization nationwide that helps support kiddos whose parents have been affected by cancer. They do this in many ways throughout the year, including hosting a camp over the summer where those kids attend for free and get the chance to meet people who are going through the same exact thing they are. At Camp Kesem, they aren’t allowed to have their real name for that whole week. All of the campers and counselors choose fake names such as Bubbles, Chia, Sunny, etc. This is a fun way for the kiddos to feel like they can be whoever they want to be for that week. It is a week full of fun, meeting new friends, and making memories to last them a lifetime.

What is it like to be a counselor?
Laffy said, “These are the most deserving kids and they need a week where they don’t have to worry about anything other than Messy Olympics, Paint Wars, what the colors of their next friendship bracelet will be…and I’d do anything to make sure they get that. Those unexpected, little moments you have with each camper become the most rewarding moments of your life. Truly Kesem Magic.”

Chia said, “The best part about being a counselor is seeing the kids you’re working with smile and seeing them have pure happiness.”

Kesem Magic
Every person in Kesem has a story on why they chose to be a part of Kesem. Here are a few stories from some of the counselors!

Laffy said, “These kids changed my life. It’s crazy the life lessons you can learn from a 7-year-old. I don’t even know these campers’ real names, but they have had more of an impact on my life than most people. They’ve shown me what it really means to be strong, to appreciate every moment I have with a loved one, and to be happy and hopeful even when life hasn’t been the greatest to you. I Kesem for selfish reasons: because these kids are my role models and remind e what is really important in life”

Chia said, “I chose Kesem because Kesem is everything! The kids, the counselors, everyone. I Kesem because they all make me better.”

Camp Kesem takes a lot of hands and minds to make the camp successful every year. Here is a sneak peak on the committees you can join!

Make the Magic—This is Kesem’s biggest fundraising event of the year. Their goal is to make the event as fun and exciting as possible so they can raise enough money to reach their goal! Like I said before, camp is free for all campers, but it still costs around $500 for each camper to attend. We have around 200 kids come so…..$$$$$. This money has to come from fundraising, fundraising, and more fundraising!!
AMP (communications)—This is a very important aspect of Kesem because they keep alumni, donors, and camper’s families informed on what is going on at Kesem IU during the school year. This includes letting them know when Family Friends days are so the kiddos can meet their counselors for fun and games throughout the school year.
Volunteering—Volunteering is in a way the heart of Kesem. This committee handles different social gatherings throughout the year to keep Kesem IU connected and to recognize the amazing Kesem members. They also strive to get as many awesome members as possible!
Operations—Operations is the stage crew, in a way. They plan the week’s activities for the campers and get all the materials for those activities. They are the experts on how to make Kesem a magical week.
Outreach—Outreach is the place to go if you love contacting people! They reach out to past campers and their families to make sure they know when camp is. They also get into contact with potential new campers!
Development—Development is in charge of raising money and keeping the money organized.

How Can I Join?
AWESOME QUESTION! Email to be added to the email list so you can get weekly updates on meetings, events, and more!


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