7 Sustainability Groups to Join at IU

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As a student at IU, there are over 700 different student organizations and groups to get involved with on campus. The organizations range from dance groups, to volunteer organizations, to art clubs, to sports teams, and everywhere in between. But what if you are looking to get involved with sustainability here at IU? Well look no further—here is a list of some of the organizations aimed at working on sustainability projects on IU’s campus and in the surrounding community.

  1. The Student Sustainability Council (SSC) – If you’re bursting at the seams to get involved with sustainability at IU, you might consider starting here. The SSC is the umbrella organization serving to unite the efforts of other organizations at IU. Someone from this group can also definitely point you to another specific organization if you know what you’re looking for!
  1. Students Producing Organics Under The Sun (SPROUTS) – Besides being an impressively creative acronym, SPROUTS also works to provide organic food to students on campus and people in the community.
  1. Sierra Club Inspiring Connections Outdoors at IU – If working with kids and going on hikes are your thing, you may want to check this group out. The program exists in over 50 cities across the US, with the goal of teaching youth about teamwork and self-reliance via outdoor activities.
  1. Net Impact: Sustainable Business Club – This group is aimed at providing its members with the skill set to use business as a means for advancing social and environmental prosperity.
  1. Environmental Management and Sustainable Development Association (EMSDA) – Comprised of a mix of graduate and undergraduate students, EMSDA works with many different groups within the Bloomington community to coordinate volunteer opportunities, develop community projects, and experience nature together.
  1. Reinvest IU – If you’re passionate about activism for divesting from fossil fuels, then Reinvest IU is definitely the group for you. These guys demonstrate and push for investing in alternative energy sources.
  1.  Global Brigades at Indiana University – This group is part of the world’s largest student-led global health and sustainable development organization. Their mission is to resolve global health and economic disparities while collaboratively working toward an equal world.

These are just seven groups specifically dedicated to broadly “sustainability-related” goals, but every student organization has the potential to become involved with creating a more prosperous and sustainable campus. It’s the partnerships between student groups that really produce impactful change, so don’t limit yourself to this list—every organization on campus can provide expertise and excitement to advance prosperity and inclusiveness in the IU and Bloomington community!

Also, if you have a vision for a club that you would like to see on campus that does not already exist, remember that you can start your own organization!

Nathan Schuster
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