3 Alternatives to Greek Life

Greek life at Indiana University is what many students would consider the epitome of fraternity and sorority goals. While many students partake in Greek life, it is not for everyone. Some of the pros that stand out in sorority/fraternity life are the friendships you create, the memories made, and the ability to put it on a resume–this often helps you stand out to former members of the same house. While these are all outstanding reasons to rush, there are plenty of other paths to take that can lead to the same end goals.

Join a club

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Indiana University Students are offered various club/extracurricular fairs throughout each school year. These gatherings are open to every student to find their calling. If your club doesn’t exist, no worries! IU lets students create and promote their own clubs as long as you follow the proper student organization guidelines. Clubs are something you can include on a resume forever that display admirable qualities about yourself or unique skills that you may obtain. Not only this, but clubs are another way to create friendships with people who share the same interests as you.


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Another fun way to get involved with the Bloomington community is looking to volunteer with an organization that sparks your interest. Places such as Habitat for Humanity, Hoosier Hills Food Bank, and the Shalom Community Center are always eager to accept Indiana University Students to help them with their work in making the world a better place. The experience of volunteering is a powerful and you will meet people who you can list as resources in future job searches, along with the potential of creating new friendships.

Find a job

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Greek life consumes a lot of time, some may say that time and money are two of the negative aspects that come along with joining the greek community. If these two factors have played a role in your decision not to rush, perhaps you may be interested in finding employment. The Indiana University campus offers employees $10.15/hr. This wage can increase the amount of money you have to spend toward things non-school related. With extra cash flow you can easily pick up or try out new hobbies such as photography, cooking, knitting, etc. IU is also very understanding of vigorous school schedules, and most places of employment will work with you to create a flexible schedule.

The truth is, Indiana University offers a plethora of experiences for its students. Each students has a pathway to their success and involvement as long as they desire to look for where they best fit in. Below are a few website links that may help you find your spark of involvement.

Zoey Fields
Zoey Fields

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