What You Need to Know to Have the Perfect Lotus Fest

Lotus festival brochure

From September 28th to October 1st, Bloomington is going to be jamming. 

Why you may ask? Let’s talk music.

The Lotus Festival is a multi-cultural concert that lasts for an entire weekend. Not only is the music uplifting and inspiring, but it helps to educate listeners about the countries and cultures around them. Talk about a two-for-one deal! This year the festival has an incredible lineup of artists with many different backgrounds and musical styles. Artists from Russia, Canada, Chile, Sweden, France, Brazil, and many more will be performing at some point this weekend. But keep in mind, just because they are from these countries doesn’t mean they are going to have music styles based on their origins. That is what makes the concerts so unique and relatable. Also, the artists are not going to perform every night, so be sure to check the performance schedules here before finalizing your ticket purchase!

Now, let’s talk art! The Lotus Festival is adding more artistic expression in what they call, ‘Lotus in the Park.’ This event takes place at Waldron, Hill, and Buskirk Park (Third Street Park), and it is from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, September 30. And guess what, this is TOTALLY 100% FREE. Some art projects that will be featured are designing your own ‘cranky storytelling scroll,’ getting to knit with a Lotus musician, building a museum out of Legos, creating quilt squares, carving limestone, painting murals, and much more! Plus, there will be food from local vendors including Bloomingfoods and The Chocolate Moose. There will also be more musical performances, along with workshops in the IU Global Education Pavilion.

And just when you thought it already sounded busy enough, there is going to be plenty more of activities at the Lotus Festival that I will let you discover for yourself (I can’t reveal all the secrets!). Festivals, food, and fun is all the information I am going to leave you with, but I hope it is good enough to convince you to buy tickets to the evening shows or to show up to the free events on Saturday. I know I will be there!

If you are interested in learning more about the Lotus Festival click here for information about the performances and click here to buy your tickets! Have a beautiful week, and I hope to see you there!

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