The Awaited Off-Campus Move

It is quite unusual for students to live in dorms after their freshmen year, here at IU. Unlike most cases, however, I decided to live on-campus in the dorms for two years in different dorms. I had a good amount of people asking me why I did that, and why I did not want to look for a place to live off-campus, where I can get my own independence.

Personally, I never felt like I was ready to move off-campus when I went into my sophomore year. I still wanted the same mundane, banal dining provided, and I enjoyed the environment of a dorm. Before I moved into Teter my second year, I was quite reluctant considering all the negative feedback I got from my decision. However, I ended up making some of the best friends I have so far on campus. I couldn’t think of a single weekend or night where I didn’t want to be there. Between the people, the activities, the convenience of logistics, I couldn’t think of a reason why I should not stay there for the remaining years of my undergrad!

In this kind of a scenario, there had to be some negative aspects. The year had to end eventually and as the year progressed, I definitely started to feel the need to want my own freedom in the place I lived.

Right now, in my junior year, I live off campus with two of my best friends. Though I do enjoy some of the environment of dorm living, such as always finding people to hang out with even at 3 in the morning, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have my own room and bathroom now, with the freedom to cook and have my privacy when I want it.

The best thing is that I still keep in touch with all my friends from Teter, and manage to see them over the weekends. I also get to spend time everyday with my roommates in our cozy apartment where we are free to do anything we want.

Moving off-campus has many benefits that one may only see once they actually move. However, I feel I moved off-campus at the right time. If I listened to people around me before sophomore year, I wouldn’t have made the great friends that I did.

Anisha Srinivasan