Navigating Bloomington: Restaurant Edition

Bloomington is full of unique restaurants representing different cuisines from all over the world. I have spent a lot of my college career trying out these new restaurants, and there are still more to check out.

These are a few restaurants that you have to go to if you haven’t already:



If you like sushi, Ami, which is on 3rd Street, is the place to go. The menu has endless options for sushi, but also has other items, including noodle dishes, veggie dishes, and more. Even better is the deal each Tuesday. Sushi is 30% off, so you are getting great sushi, and a great deal.


Rice and veggies dish

Anatolia is a Turkish and Mediterranean restaurant on 4th Street. The menu has many options, including dishes that are vegetarian friendly. The lentil soup and bread that you get before your meal comes makes Anatolia even better. My friends and I often order the pides (it reminds me of a pizza or flatbread, but it’s even better) or some sort of rice dish.


Mexican food

If you want good Mexican food, this is one of the best places to go in Bloomington. It is located on Kirkwood, but a little further west that the main strip. The restaurant is bright and inviting inside, but also allows for outdoor seating, which is always a plus. There are many taco combinations, as well as, numerous other traditional dishes to choose from.

My Thai Café

Thai food

I don’t think I have met anyone who doesn’t like My Thai. It has many rice, noodle, and veggie dishes. Something I really like about My Thai is all of the protein options. They even have tofu as an option. If you want some tasty Pad Thai, head on down to 4th Street!

Now that you are probably hungry, grab your wallet, a few friends, and head to one of these restaurants, or check out another place you have had on your radar.

Ellie Easton
Ellie Easton


I am Ellie Easton, a senior in the Kelley School of Business. I am learning my way through the business world, eating my way through Bloomington, and making sure I write about as many of my experiences as I can. My goals are to travel, be a successful businesswoman, blog, make delicious sushi, and give back in as many ways I can.

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