Fun Spring Activities in Bloomington

You may have noticed the gardeners planting neat rows of flowers around campus, seen the daffodils blooming near the Sample Gates, or splashed through rain puddles on your way to class. These encounters only mean one thing: spring is here! While this time is somewhat dreadful for people with seasonal allergies, one can’t help but appreciate the warmer weather and sprouting grass. In order to take full advantage of this spring, here is a list of fun, outdoor things to do in and around Bloomington!

Hoosier Half marathon / FTK 5K

Aerial shot of half marathon

Lace up your running shoes or cheer on your fellow Hoosiers during the Hoosier Half Marathon and FTK 5K on April 8th. The 13.1 mile race traverses through the western part of campus, Jordan Ave., and downtown Bloomington.

Here’s the link if you’d like to register or check out the course map.

IU Day and Scavenger Hunt

IU Day poster

On April 19th, campus and Hoosiers around the world will be celebrating the second annual IU Day. There will be many festivities to partake in, including the Bloomington campus-wide scavenger hunt. Whoever completes the hunt will be entered to win a parking pass (seniors get an Amazon gift card)!

Little 500

Little 500 cyclists during the race

Join your Hoosier family in celebrating this famous IU tradition on April 21st and 22nd. Races will be taking place at the Bill Armstrong Stadium, so grab a ticket and some friends and enjoy a weekend of cycling!

Find out more information on tickets here.

Farmers’ Market

Tomatoes and other veggies on a table

The city’s farmers’ market comes back for the season to provide fresh produce and plants to the community. Vendors are located next to City Hall every Saturday from 9am-1pm.

Griffy Lake / Lake Monroe

People kayak in a lake

Go hiking, cycling, or kayaking with friends at one of the many lakes located in and around Bloomington. Griffy Lake is only about ten minutes north of campus; perfect for a short get-away from the hustle and bustle of student life.

Hoosier National Forest / Charles C. Deam Wilderness area

[Image: forest, Caption: none]Spend some time in nature this spring at the Hoosier National Forest. Brown County, various hiking trails, and lakes are so conveniently close to campus, so take advantage of the proximity and enjoy the blooming southern Indiana scenery.

Baseball / Softball

IU Baseball ground

Spring means the start of baseball and softball season! Tickets for baseball are only $5, and softball is free, so take an afternoon and go enjoy a ballgame.

Baseball schedule.  Softball schedule.

Mac & Cheese Festival

Mac & Cheese festival poster

This event isn’t necessarily outdoors, but it does deal with food, so I just had to include it! The Mac & Cheese festival sold out in Indy, and now they’re coming south to Btown. Sample some delicious, cheesy dishes on April 2nd at the Monroe County Convention Center.

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