6 Insta-Worthy Spots on Campus That Aren’t Sample Gates

Let’s face it: Almost everyone who’s visited campus has taken a selfie in front of the Sample Gates. It’s a gorgeous shot, but there are so many other places on campus that make a perfect photo for Instagram. If you’re a Hoosier looking for a less-frequented spot to add to your feed, check out this list for some cool photo ops and where to find them.


Dunn’s Woods

We’re lucky to be surrounded by green space on campus. Dunn’s Woods is part of the original IU Bloomington campus: With its iconic brick paths and green light poles, it’s a beautiful place to stroll through between classes. This scenic spot is perfect for photos of your friends, yourself, or one of the famed IU squirrels.


Kirkwood Hall

Kirkwood Hall is one of the oldest building on campus. Located in the original Old Crescent, the building’s architecture dates back to the late 1800s. This specific entrance is located on the south side of the building, facing Dunn’s Woods. The detailed archway is perfect for framing the subject of the photo! We recommend wearing crimson IU gear, as warm tones really pop in contrast to the limestone.


Maxwell Hall

In 1890, Maxwell Hall was home to the very first campus library. Now it houses University Division, Building Services, a few other departments, and a tucked-away garden—sure to become your new favorite study spot! The entrance to this hidden green space is on the east side of Maxwell Hall. With Indiana limestone lining the four sides of the garden and a bubbling fountain in the center, this location is definitely Insta-worthy.


Woodburn Hall Clock Tower

The iconic clock towers have become a symbol of IU. However, they are huge! If you stand right next to them, the proportions of the photo might look a little off. We challenge you to get creative! We went for a classic Eiffel Tower or Leaning Tower of Pisa approach. At the clock tower closest to Woodburn Hall, we recommend standing on the ledge behind the flower bed.


Luddy Hall

If you’re into light and modern settings, Luddy Hall is the perfect location for you. Built in 2018, the building has many large windows that let tons of light in. It is easy to capture the perfect photo in almost every part of the building! Our favorite spot is on the fourth floor in front of Amatria, an interactive sculpture.


Memorial Stadium

This is one of the best places to show off your Hoosier spirit! Gate 3 at Memorial Stadium is one of our favorite photo locations. The tall tower calls for a portrait-orientation photo, which looks great on an Instagram feed. We also recommend wearing crimson IU gear at this location to really bring out the crimson accents in the background!

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