Get to Know Elisa Krebs, FYE Intern!

My name is Elisa Krebs and it’s surreal to say, but I will be starting my senior year at IU this fall. I have had some pretty amazing opportunities here at Indiana University, including running for Student Body Vice President, traveling to Israel with IU Hillel, and serving as a Director of Operations for the Panhellenic Association. However, to this day one of the best things I ever did was join the Orientation Team (OTeam).

I feel like I’ve seen all sides of Indiana University’s New Student Orientation. I have gone through it myself as a reserved and scared new student. The summer after my first year at IUB, I worked directly with students and guests as an Orientation Leader. I returned the following year to work as a Student Coordinator and help with the behind the scenes planning, preparation, and training for our program. Now, in my last summer as an IU student, I am fortunate to be serving as the Communications Assistant for the Office of First Year Experience working with social media, marketing, photography and our new mobile app.

This summer, I look forward to writing many blogs for incoming Indiana University first year students. These posts aim to give you the inside scoop on preparing to transition to IU, New Student Orientation, and navigating your first-year experience. Our website is an invaluable resource for information, but I’m always willing to answer questions for you as well!

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Elisa Krebs
Elisa Krebs

Media Advertising major, class of 2018

I am a Senior from Avon, IN that loves coffee, naps and connecting with students. When I'm not at the Starbucks on Indiana or the couch at my sorority, you can find me studying in Franklin Hall or working at the Office of First Year Experience Programs.

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