Your freshman year guide to Kelley

Hello biz kids!!! Whether you’re a direct or standard admit, reluctant business major by parental force or a future School of Business celebrity, welcome to the Kelley life!

Hodge Hall
Hodge Hall aka your home whether you like it or not.

Right now, the members of Class of 2019 are attending the beautiful thing that is IU orientation. At orientation, you choose your first semester classes. Kelley has a set curriculum that lines up basically all of your freshman and sophomore year classes to prepare you for I-Core. So what are those classes like and which ones should you take at the same time? Keep reading!

BUS-K201 Computers in Business

Learn all about Microsoft Excel and Access! A notorious weed-out class so don’t be discouraged if you struggle. IU provides free tutoring services if you need it! This was one of my favorite classes freshman year and it pushed me to pursue a Business Analytics co-major!

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ECON-E201 Introduction to Microeconomics

Microeconomics is all about supply and demand, market efficiency and things of that sort. I think economics is one of those things you either get…or you don’t. And I don’t. I struggled A LOT with E201. But like I said, IU provides free tutoring as do various student organizations AND your professors hold office hours for help outside of class time. Hey, I don’t have to retake it so yay me!

BUS-C104 Business Presentations

People with stage fright, you’ll be okay! You’ll learn how to utilize visual aids and improve your speaking skills. You’ll end the course with a Macy’s case competition that could send you to NYC! Pretty easy class, do what you’re told and you’ll do great!

I don't know what to do with my hands

BUS-T175 Compass I

Kelley’s way of saying: You are working so hard, here’s 1.5 credits of easy A! Learn about what it means to have a personal brand and be an individual in the business world!

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MATH-M118 Finite Mathematics

Probably the most notorious class at IU. Finite is a combination of probability and torture by numbers. It’s extremely likely you’ll find this class difficult, and even more likely that you will hate it with the very core of your soul and consider it the bane of your existence. Good news is: I hated it, and still got an A. Study hard, go to class and get extra help if necessary. I BELIEVE IN YOU.

MATH-M119 Calculus I

Calculus. The other freshman math class. It’s math. Some people are better at it than others. Shadowed in Finite’s reputation for misery, but quite awful all the same. Same thing, just do what you need to do and you’ll be A-okay 🙂

Not sure if math test was easy or I got everything wrong

BUS-A100 Basic Accounting Skills

Another weed-out class. You’re gonna learn all about the basics of GAAP, balance sheets and taxes. 50% of the class drops after the midterm and retakes the course. I know that sounds terrifying but listen, A100 is only taught by the angel Prof Vivian Winston. Viv is the nicest woman alive and will do anything for you to understand basic accounting. Take advantage of the peer tutoring available and PAY ATTENTION in class. I swear why 50% of people fail the midterm is because they just don’t listen to Viv’s wealth of knowledge.

I thought land depreciates but I was wrong

If I could redo my freshman year schedule of business pre-reqs, this is how I’d do it:

1st semester (or switched): K201, M118, C104, T175

2nd semester (or switched): A100, E201, M119

You’re probably very VERY overwhelmed right now. But breathe, grab some water, it’ll all be okay! This is a very general course plan and you’ll have 2-4 other classes along with the above. Everyone is gonna be better at certain classes, and many of you are coming in with credits that will put you ahead of other students. These are just suggestions and my personal opinions; consult your academic advisor at orientation for more help!

DISCLAIMER: As nerdy and crazy in love with Kelley as I sound (and am), believe it or not, I did not always love KSB. I remember in the first weeks of freshman year, with 5/6 classes being Kelley pre-requisites, I was miserable. I believe that you should love what you do and do what you love and I was NOT loving my classes. If you find yourself in a similar situation where you don’t love your course of study, take my advice:

PERSEVERE. I couldn’t imagine where I would be if I had switched out of Kelley. I lived in the KLLC for goodness sake. After some long conversations with my parents and friends, they convinced me to stick it out through first semester. And I’m so glad they did. *I would suggest sticking it out through all of freshman year if you can. First semester tends to be hectic and a big transition period for everyone. Second semester, you’ll have the hang of balancing school and your social life (statement backed by everyone I know).
But know yourself. Like I said, I’m a big believer in “love what you do,” and if you know you’re not going to love business or whatever you’re studying for that matter, don’t put yourself through four years (or more) of it! It’s not worth it.

Best of luck to all prospective Kelleys! Embrace everything KSB has to offer and take advantage of all the opportunities.

Clara Chen
Clara Chen

Finance, Business Analytics, and International Business Triple Major, IU 2018

Hey you guys! My name is Clara, originally from suburbs of Los Angeles but Bloomington is my home as well! In addition to my daytime job of Kelley kid, I moonlight as a Hutton Honors student, IU tour guide, and all-around nice human being! Hobbies include: traveling less than I want, eating more than I should, and wearing IU gear 24/7. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at

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