TOO MUCH STUFF: what to bring to move-in day

Parents helping move in their student

So you’ve gone through orientation, and you’ve finished choosing classes.  Now you just have to pack up and move onto campus!  The idea of packing up a ton of stuff and moving onto campus may seem a bit daunting, but after living in the dorms for two years I got the hang of the move-in process.  A floor plan

First of all, you will want to look up you floor plan. Knowing what you will already have in your room is very important.  Double dorm rooms have two beds, two closets (usually with some shelving built in), and two desks with shelving.  

The next step?  Don’t trust the lists from places like Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  I know they are enticing because they have done all the work and categorized, etc., but if my roommate and I brought everything they suggested we wouldn’t have had anywhere to walk in the room!

Talk to your future roommate, not only to get to know them, but so that you aren’t bringing doubles of everything.  Figure out who will bring a TV (if anyone) and who will bring a refrigerator, microwave, etc.  Do you know a friend who went to college before you and doesn’t need their refrigerator anymore? Go for it.  You may as well save money on something if you may not be using it in a year or so!  

Finally, don’t go overboard.  I have so many T-shirts from high school and my first year I brought way too many of them.  I didn’t have enough space and ended up never wearing most of them.  Think about what you will use (or wear)–REALLY use.  Will you use it?  Pack it.  You really do not want to over-pack…especially if you live out of state or more than 2 hours away!  The necessities are simple–bedding, school supplies, clothes, shower supplies. Remember, don’t sweat it, there are plenty of stores in Bloomington that can supply things you maybe forgot or didn’t even think of in the first place.

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Claire Hanrahan

Chemistry Education Major, Spanish minor, Counseling minor, NRHH member, NSLS member

I'm a chemistry-loving, talkative, future educator who has been very involved on IU's campus! I am currently a School of Education Direct Admit Mentor and a Welcome Week Chairperson for Forest Quad, and I am involved in National Residence Hall Honorary and the National Society of Leadership and Success. I have previously been a member of the RHA Programming Board and Forest Student Government for which I have acted as an RHA delegate and VP of Programming. Feel free to comment and ask any questions! Happy Reading