Move-In Day at IU: 7 Tips to Help Make Yours a Success!

As Move-In Day approached, I really had no idea what to expect. Moving from home to the dorm can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. After moving in, I’ve come up with 7 things that will hopefully make your Move-In Day experience go much more smoothly!

1. Pack early.

Be sure to pack in advance. Buy things little by little over your extended summer and pack them as you get them. Organize your things so that when you are moved in, you will know exactly where everything is. Trust me, thinking that you forgot something (or actually forgetting it) is not fun.

Me freaking out about not being packed.Pack early!
Me freaking out about not being packed.
Pack early!

2. Check-In.

When you arrive on campus, make sure the first thing you do is check-in. There should be a large sign in front of your dorm saying Welcome To (Insert Dorm Building Here). Go to the center building of your dorm and bring your Campus ID. Here, you will receive a planner and Welcome Week booklet along with other goodies. You will also have to read and sign a few things. Lastly, you will get your specific room assignment along with a room key.

3. Know where you are going.

If you are confused where your room is, ask! The students at the check-in will be able to tell you where your dorm is located and where the closest door is. Parking is kind of crazy, but try to park as close to your door as possible so you aren’t hauling things all over the place!

4. Dress Comfortably.

Most likely, it will be hot. If your dorm does not have air-conditioning and you have to walk up multiple flights of stairs like me, you will NOT want to have on clothes that are uncomfortable and make you feel gross. Save your cute outfits and shoes for another time!

5. Bring extra sets of hands.

I had a van full of stuff to move into my dorm. I’m a girl, what can I say? Anyway, having my family come along and help me move in was a tremendous help. Not only that, but if you want to rearrange your room, some of the furniture is pretty heavy and you might want some extra manpower to help get your room situated how you want it.

6. Buy decorations…and lots of them!

White walls don’t necessarily shout home. So before you arrive at IU, stock up on pictures, posters, and anything else you will want to hang up. Wall decals (you can buy them from the Dollar Store or Target) work especially well. If you plan on bringing other things without sticky backs, be sure to have plenty of command hooks or command strips on hand.

Here is my finished product!
Here is my finished product!

7. Most importantly- DON’T STRESS!

Moving can be stressful. But don’t freak out!! Many people (especially freshman) are nervous and anxious just like you are. You are not alone! Just stay calm and realize that it will take awhile to become adjusted. IU is an amazing school to go to, and realize that it will be OKAY. Keep your door open and make sure to socialize and meet new people! It will definitely make your dorm feel a lot more like home.

Morgan Klingelhoefer
Morgan Klingelhoefer

Class of 2017

I'm Morgan Klingelhoefer (pronounced HEY fer) and I'm a senior at IU majoring in Nonprofit Management with a minor in psychology. I love to be involved and am a part of Leadership Advisory Board, Independent Council, Dean's Advisory Board, and am a blogger & pinner (see our Pinterest here) for WeAreIU. I also help facilitate leadership retreats with the Office of Student Life and Learning and am a part of IU's IU2U program! I absolutely love IU and can't imagine having chosen anywhere else. I can't wait to share all of my college experiences, lessons learned, and random things about my time here with you all. Feel free to follow me on social media or contact me at my person email below to talk about whatever your heart desires!

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