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How to make the most out of our time here

College is more than just a place for obtaining a higher education. Yes, we’re all here for a degree, but this is our home. Our friends become our family, Bloomington becomes our second hometown and campus becomes our safe haven. We all have our favorite spots to study, eat, hangout, and party. But what if IU feels like just a place to obtain a higher education? If you want to get more involved and absorbed with the college life, there are many ways to do so. One of the greatest things about IU is the never-ending opportunities and ways to get involved. From sporting events to clubs to Btown’s diversity, there’s something for everybody to love.

Here are (in my opinion) 5 of the best ways to get the best college experience at IU

Go to sporting events. IU has some of the best teams in the nation. There is nothing like Assembly Hall during a close game, or Memorial Stadium after a day of tailgating. Even outside basketball and football, our school holds national titles in many other sports. If you’ve never been to a soccer or baseball game, I highly recommend it. The energy and turn out is always high, making the game just as exciting to watch as basketball or football. No matter the sport, our student section is bound to be impressive. Make it your goal to attend sporting events that you haven’t before.

Girls at a soccer game


Find clubs to join. IU offers an insane amount of clubs and organizations to get involved with. There are over 750 organizations available to students. Not to mention, your opportunity to create your own club! Some of the best ways to get involved and make our large school feel smaller is to become involved. Make it your goal to become active in at least 2 clubs this year.

An IU club


Get to know your floormates/neighbors. Aside from your roommates, your floormates or neighbors could become some of your best friends. As a freshman, I was lucky enough to have an amazing floor that I became very close to. When else are you going to be living next door to dozens of people doing the same things as you? Get to know your floor, neighbors, or apartment neighbors! Make it your goal to socialize and befriend those who live near you.

Friends outside


Try the food in Btown. Kirkwood and 4th street have some of the best restaurants around. From local to chain, there are hundreds of diverse options. Bloomington was named one of the, “Top Food Towns in America” in 2012 (Best of the Road competition). Explore the different cultural foods Btown offers like Thai, Greek, Irish, Indian and many more. Instead of the typical Chipotle or Noodles Co. dinner date on Kirkwood try something you haven’t before. Make it your goal to try a new ethnic restaurant you haven’t this year.

Farmers Market

Immerse yourself in Btown. Bloomington is a big part of our college experience. We often times forget that we live somewhere besides just IU’s campus. Besides restaurants to explore, try some of the Bloomington traditions. Go hiking at Griffy Lake, rent a boat on Lake Monroe with some friends, check out the Quarry’s, go on a tour at Oliver Winery, and discover all the hidden gems Bloomington has to offer. From entertainment to food to shopping, Btown is full of surprises. Make it your goal to try something you haven’t in Bloomington this year.

Stduents playing Battleship at the SRSC

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