Why I am Thankful to be a 21st Century Scholar

In my household, growing up, college was not a realistic goal to set. Of course, my parents always wanted to me attend college, but when we looked at the cost of college we were like…

I have $3

Let’s be honest, college is expensive. The average cost for an instate student per year at IU is $24,538. I don’t know about your parents, but that is more than my mom’s total year salary.

While sitting in one of my middle school classes my dream to go to college one day became a reality when I was handed a 21st Century Scholar application. The application process was not very strenuous at all and before I knew it I became a 21st Century Scholar myself. Now this scholarship does not cover everything, but it does cover all tuition, which is $10,388 a year at Indiana University. The crazy thing is, the 21st Century Scholars office on campus does not stop there. With their covenant scholarship program, that launched in 2007, their office offers additional scholarships based on what other scholarships you have received and your expected family contribution which is determined by the FASFA. Now I know we all like to hear about all the scholarships we can get, but after you are on campus you will want someone to go to when you have questions; the 21st Century Scholars office can do that for you. I have personally looked to the office for help, and the staff is always more than helpful.

On top of all that the office is constantly offering workshops covering all topics, academic help in math and science courses, and even an awesome mentoring program called FASE. I am a FASE protégé and my mentor is always there for me if I need help with absolutely anything. Coming onto campus not knowing anyone is always a scary thought, so by the 21st Century Scholars office providing me with my mentor they gave me such a sense of security with taking on campus.

Everyday when I walk across campus I am thankful to be a 21st Century Scholar. Without this program the dream of going to college would have be just that, a dream. I was overjoyed to become a scholar, but I never anticipated how vast being a part of this program would affect me. I never knew that by being a scholar I would have so many opportunities open up through the 21st Century Scholars office. I hope that by reading this you will start to appreciate the 21st Century Scholars for all that it is: a scholarship, an academic advisor, a mentor, and most importantly a support system.

If you want to learn more about the 21st Century Scholars office visit their website here or even stop in their office on your next visit!

Morgan Wells
Morgan Wells

International Studies and Political Science Majors, Class of 2019, Crawfordsville, IN

I am a freshman studying International Studies and Political Science with minors in Russian and Legal Studies. I know you are wondering, so yes, SGIS is AWESOME. I am an active member of College Democrats - it is cooler than it sounds, I promise. I am also an initiated member of Phi Alpha Delta, a pre-law professional fraternity. I intern with the new mayor of Bloomington, the great John Hamilton! I may just be starting out on campus, but I am excited to share with you as I transition into the college life!

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