What I love about being a Cox Scholar


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As spring break quickly approaches, so too do the deadlines for many university scholarships. The last day to turn in information to the Cox Scholarship program is Friday, March 10th, so if you have diligently been working on your application, make your final edits and send it into the Office of Scholarships soon! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Cox Scholarship program, let me shed some light on the subject and share my favorite parts of being a Cox Scholar.

Jesse H. Cox was an IU alumnus, entrepreneur, and the Cox Scholarship founder. He worked his way through college doing odd jobs and starting up his own bus service. Jesse saved his earnings throughout his life and eventually used his incomes to give back to his alma mater. He paid for the pavilion in the beautiful arboretum, as well as start up a scholarship fund for students who work through their college career, as he did. “There’s a great happiness by being able to share it,” Jesse remarked on the topic of using his wealth to support students through the scholarship.

Since the creation of the Cox Scholarship, the program has grown into six groups of Cox Scholars:

  • Civic: Community service and campus outreach
  • Engagement: Organized service between students and nonprofit agencies
  • Legacy: Students gain experience by working with university department or faculty members
  • Research: Students are mentored by faculty members and help conduct scholarly research
  • Exploratory: Peer coaching undergraduate students and assisting with their academic decisions
  • Access: Work experience with university department or faculty member (time taken off before returning to school)

There are over 200 Cox Scholars currently studying on IU Bloomington’s campus, so chances are you might know one of us!

Besides receiving scholarship money, being a Cox Scholar comes with so many great opportunities. I am a Cox Legacy Scholar, and my work component is fulfilled at IU’s Strategic Communications and Marketing Department in the Office of Enrollment Management. Here, I get to practice my writing and computer skills by creating content for WeAreIU, and I also get to experience a real work environment as a freshman.

My favorite part about being a Cox Scholar is attending the receptions put on for various Cox events. Yes, the free food is amazing, but I love to meet other Cox Scholars. It is so interesting to hear their stories as to how Jesse Cox impacted their life I also really enjoy talking to people about their work components, especially the Research Scholars. They are studying data with a faculty member and could potentially have scholarly research under their belt as an undergrad, how cool is that?!

A cox scholar attending IU men's basketball stadium

My other favorite part of being a Cox Scholar is getting to volunteer for so many awesome opportunities! I was able to student host the President’s Suite with fellow Cox and 21st Century Scholars at the IU vs. UNC basketball game. Go Hoosiers!

As Cox Scholars, we work hard, we do our best, and we strive for success just as Jesse did. We work to keep the Cox legacy alive and thriving on campus. The Cox Scholarship Program has changed the lives of so many students and their families, and I feel honored to be a part of something bigger than myself.

For more information about the Cox Scholarship Program, visit the Office of Scholarships website.

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