IU Bloomington Res Halls: An Inside Scoop

Congratulations! #IUsaidYes and now you’re IU Bound. There’s only a couple things left to do before heading to Bloomington. The housing application is open and it’s time to find your new home on campus! The Class of 2023 has so many housing options available, including some that are not normally offered to freshmen!

As an incoming freshman, I filled out my housing application with a general idea of what each residence hall had to offer. While I loved my experience living in Teter, I wish I had an inside look at the character of the other residence halls that have become my favorites. Here are some of the options available to you and why I feel they are special.
When you’re ready to apply for housing, visit the RPS housing application for more info.

Union Street Center
If you’re looking for a more independent housing option, Union Street is for you. Not only will you and your roommate enjoy the privacy of your own bedrooms, you will have your own private bathroom to share. These furnished apartments are also equipped with a full kitchen as well as a washer and dryer. You would also live above an awesome RPS dining location. The Union Street Market is not only a convenience store, but offers a breakfast bar, made-to-order sandwiches, flatbread pizza, and more.

These suite-style rooms are two private rooms connected by a shared bathroom. Just steps from your door is a shared kitchenette and lounge, where the whole floor can cook and hang out. Willkie is the perfect mix of privacy, independence, and community. It also houses the Hoosier Store, which in my opinion is the best convenience store on campus. From groceries to household essentials, you will be able to find almost anything you need! Although I was closer to another convenience store on campus, I always made a trip to Willkie’s because it had exactly what I wanted.

If you want to be the first in line at Hoosier Hysteria or a regular at football tailgates, this residence hall is for you. The close proximity to Memorial Stadium, Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall, and Wilkinson Hall make Briscoe perfect for sports fanatics. Briscoe also offers a great variety of gaming opportunities when you need a study break. The double rooms have their own private bathroom or a shared living space and bathroom with another double room.

Forest Quad
If you’re a foodie, Forest is the place for you. In my opinion, Woodland Restaurants at Forest is the best RPS dining location. Not only can you live in the same place as the best food on campus, you’re right across the street from Mother Bear’s Pizza, Restaurant Ami, and SOMA Coffeehouse! Forest offers standard double rooms and recently renovated, private bathrooms. It’s also a great option for those in the Jacobs School of Music. In addition to being steps away from Jacobs, Forest offers a dance studio and music practice rooms.

If you’re looking for a residence hall with lots of character, Collins is perfect for you. With a slight resemblance to Hogwarts, this residence hall has a proud student community. Within Collins is the Cheshire Café, a coffeehouse completely run by Collins residents. It also houses Edmondson Dining Hall, known for its vegan options. Collins is a great option for those studying or interested in the arts, as it has its own maker space for photography, textiles, audio, cinema, and printmaking. (Note: Collins is an LLC and require an additional application: https://collins.indiana.edu/)

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