IU in Virtual Reality?


A VR cardboard

Virtual reality (VR) and 360° videos are becoming more popular as technology quickly progresses. Indiana University is no stranger to change, and happily embraces this new concept of media. In fact, IU Office of Enrollment Management teamed up with YouVisit, a VR company, to create a video of IU’s beautiful campus. The video was recently released and gives viewers the opportunity to follow two different students on a typical weekday at IU.

I was given the great opportunity to help out with this project, and as a Media major, I was fascinated by how everything was put together. YouVisit was in charge of shooting and editing the video. Their set up consisted of eight Go Pros on a tripod and hidden microphones around the set. Since the Go Pros together created a 360° shot, everyone who wasn’t supposed to be in the scene had to hide or go into a different room, including the director. YouVisit would start the cameras, walk around the corner, and then call action.

Some scenes in the video include the Sample Gates, a Hodge Hall classroom, and the SRSC swimming pool. In one scene at the IMU billiards, I was asked to play a round of Pool; it’s a good thing I’m in the background of this shot because I’m a terrible billiards player! Anyway, my favorite scene of the video is a 360° shot underwater at the swimming pool. When pointing the phone up, one can see people diving in and swimming above the camera! This is just one of the shots that makes this video so fantastic. Overall, it was fun to be a part of the project, and I learned a lot about the production of a VR video.

I encourage you all to go watch the video; just download the app IU Bloomington VR, then view by putting your phone in a VR headset. By doing this, you will be able to tour IU without leaving the couch. If you’re a student here, you might even catch a glimpse of yourself, so go check it out!

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