30 Questions to Ask During a College Visit

You have received countless emails from college admissions departments, researched multiple universities, looked over their programs and information, and now you are at that point in your search in which you are going to start scheduling college visits. These tours play a vital role in your decision because you will be visiting, perhaps for the first time, your potential home for the next four or more years. In order to get the most information out of a college visit, I have compiled a list of questions that will help you consider many aspects of a university. The tour guide should answer some of these questions, but others you can answer yourself as you walk around campus. If you haven’t already, make sure to schedule a visit to Indiana University, Bloomington. We look forward to seeing you on campus!

Group of people visit IU with guide addresses them

  1. Is the guide excited and knowledgeable? Do they make you feel welcome and comfortable in the environment?
  2. Is the campus the right size for you? Can you picture yourself walking around it as a student?
  3. Is the campus easy to get around? Are there other modes of transportation you can use?
  4. How does campus look? Do the buildings look the same or are they all unique? Are there trees or other foliage? Is there color?
  5. Is campus busy? Are there students walking around, or is it quiet?
  6. How do the students look? Do they seem content and engaged in the environment?
  7. Are people friendly and willing to direct you?
  8. What are the classrooms like? Are they big lecture halls or small class rooms?
  9. Is there a central place on campus that you could meet with friends or take a break between classes?
  10. Do you feel safe on the campus? Are there resources to aid you in case you do not feel safe?

A person sits in IMU rooms

  1. What kinds of academic resources does the university offer? Are you assigned an academic advisor who specializes in your major? Are career advisors available? Is tutoring offered?
  2. Which schools or departments at the university are well known and accredited? Do they offer majors in what you want to do?
  3. What are the professors like? Are you able to speak to one? How can they help you in your academic journey?
  4. If you’re interested in study abroad, do they have options for that?
  5. If you’re thinking about grad school, do they offer programs for that?
  6. What other resources does the school have? Is there a health center? Are counselors or therapists available? Are there places to practice physical health such as a gym or track?
  7.  Does the university provide students with online resources such as Microsoft Suite, the Oxford Dictionary, Adobe Creative Cloud, and other important sources?
  1. Are you able to tour a residence hall? Are the dorm rooms a decent size or too small? What kinds of amenities and resources are provided?
  2. Is there a variety of food options? Are they conveniently placed around campus?
  3. Are there places to study and work on assignments and group projects?

A quadrangle facade

  1. Are you able to visit other facilities on campus like the library or student union?
  2. What kinds of student organizations are there? Is there something you’re interested in?
  3. What are students involved in or excited about? What is the school known for?
  4. If you like being active, are there recreational sports teams you can get involved in?
  5. If you’re thinking about Greek life, does the university have a strong Greek community?
  6. Are there events going on around campus while you’re visiting?
  7. What is the surrounding town like? Are there shops, restaurants, and entertainment close by?
  8. If you’re religious, is there a church or religious institution nearby that you can attend?
  9. Could you feel at home in the college town?
  10. Can the guide answer all of your questions, or direct you to source that will?

Bloomington downtown

It is best to look over these questions before your visit and then consider how you could answer them based on your college visit experience. Did the tour guides give you enough information that you feel more confident about your answers to this list? Are your answers mostly positive? If your answer is yes to both of those questions, then you should really consider that particular university as a front runner on your list.

For more information about IU Admissions, visit their website.

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