My life in the Kelley School of Business

I believe that for some prospective IU students, Kelley School of Business is one of the reasons they want to be here. It is true that Kelley is a competitive and professional business school in America because it’s undergraduate program is ranked at No.8 right now according to the US News & World Report.  People may not be able to feel how it is really like in the Kelley School of Business, but as a student who is currently in it, and also as an international ambassador, I want to talk about my life in Kelley to give you a deeper understanding of Kelley.

I wasn't directly admitted to Kelley, which means I had to work very hard the first year to get a B or above on all my classes. I have to say, it was a tough year, and I've seen lots of people give up getting into Kelley after midterms because they didn't do well on an exam. Most of them came for Kelley, but not all of them are truly working hard to push themselves in doing so. So I have to say, if you are coming for Kelley, then you need a proper learning attitude and work hard on that.

After I got into Kelley this year, I felt like that’s where my life started. It is really intensive and competitive here. Everyday is a busy day. You always have lots of work to do, but I quite enjoy it. I personally wish to gain lots of experiences and meet more great people, so I joined some organizations. Actually Kelley has lots of organizations! If you want to, you will definitely find one you like. The benefits of joining organizations are, from my perspective:

  1. it broadens your view in many aspects,
  2. you will feel there are lots of people who have the same goals as you,
  3. you will meet people who have same experiences with you, and
  4. you can also learn something from them.

Through the communication with others, you will find something amazing that encourages you to become a better person. The people you meet, and the resources you gain will be really helpful for your future. For example, I’m now in a program called EDP which is conducted by Ascend, one of the well-know organizations in Kelley. It’s purpose is helping you to edit your resume, cover letters, improve your presentation skills, and some other business professional skills. It’s really helpful, actually, because you will enhance your ability in a place other than the classroom, and also, I made lots of friends there! So for me, it’s really a good experience.

It’s only 5 weeks since the beginning of this semester, but I feel like time flies, because you can always find something to do. It is my classes and organizations that are leading me to a bright road. I’m able to know more amazing people from all over the world and make connections with them.  What you gain from these experiences is beyond measure.

Overall, my life in Kelley is competitive, busy, and sometimes frustrating, however, that brings chances, changes and improvements.

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