Why I Chose IU

Hopefully by now you know where you are going to attend school in the fall. However, if you are anything like me, and answers to your major life decisions do not just fall from the sky, then you still might be exploring your options. The college quest is not an easy one, but the last days of high school are coming to an end and enrollment deadlines are approaching. So here are just a few things about Indiana University that helped me realize that this was what my school counselors were calling my "dream school." 

There's No Place Like B-Town

IU and the city of Bloomington share a symbiotic mutual relationship, in which each could not survive without the other. Bloomington is THE college town of Indiana. Even when you step off campus, the atmosphere of IU follows you. Kirkwood offers great stores and restaurants that are always packed with college kids. Places are always open later to accommodate to the schedules of college life. 

Endless Opportunites

Suprisingly, liking basketball is not a requirement for attending IU. There is something for everyone here! With the 650+ clubs and organizations offered, the choices can be overwhelming at times. But don't fret! A list of clubs and activities is provided in the website below. You can even conduct a search to find the perfect fit for you. Can't find what you're looking for? You can even get some friends together and make your own club! 


Room To Explore

IU also offers over 180 majors and degrees that are each unique to the school. Deciding what exactly it is you want to do with your life is a daunting task at the age of eighteen. And wiith so many majors to choose from, how do you know what is best for you? IU offers several resources to help students explore their options and make decisions that they will be proud of, including the website below.


A Beautiful Campus 

On my first campus tour it was a beautiful fall day where the leaves were a flurry of colors that made my tour seem more like a scenic tourist excursion rather than a college visit. The wonder of it all made it so hard to leave. The beauty of Indiana University's campus can not be fully explained through words and in order to indulge all senses, visiting first hand is a must! 

The Feeling of Community

The second you commit to IU, you are entering the trek that so many legends before you have walked. You are invited into a community of over 30 thousand that are all there for the same reason you are, to start their lives. There are people just like you out there, with values just like yours, and IU gives you so many opportunities to find them! 

About The Author
Emily WildClass of 2017, Student Blogger, Fort Wayne, IN

SPEA major studying Non Profit Management with a minor in Spanish. Member of the IU class of 2017. Diagnosed with wanderlust and can not wait to see what lies outside of Indiana for me to explore. I am writing down my experiences for the use of others, do what you want with them.