The Perks of Being an Exploratory Major

So you don't know what you want to study yet? Well don't you worry because there are dozens and dozens of people who are in the same boat you are in, and have no idea what their future holds for them. Not knowing exactly what you want to do with your life yet does not automatically make you further behind than those who already have their majors picked. It just means you have some exploring to do! So here are some things for all of you indecisive people out there who need a little encouragement;

Don't Stress!

Here are just a few myths that I thought were true when it came time to choose my major:

  1. The major I chose would lock me into a specific job for life.
  2. It is impossible to find a job with certain majors.
  3. I don't want to do something I hate for the rest of my life, and choosing the "wrong" major could create this.   

These are all common fears that some of you probably have also, but I am here to tell you that these fears can be put to rest.

During welcome week we had to attend presentations about the specific school that our major fell under. Since of course there is no school of indecisiveness, there was a separate presentation for exploratory majors. The speaker told us about her career path, and how she majored in history and ended up being a career guide for IU. Point being, you don't have to pull all your hair out in this decision process!

Advisors are your friends

I've heard many people complain about how their academic advisors messed up their classes and they now find themselves in a class that is too hard, too demanding, doesn't apply to their major etc etc etc. It is important to remember that advisors have so many students that they can't keep track of every person to check in every once in awhile to see what they're doing. Your relationship with your advisor is a two way street, in order for you to get the most out of it, you must also contribute to it. I have already visited my advisor twice this semester, and she has definitely helped me more than I ever thought an advisor could. Take advantage of having someone there who wants to help you!

Room to Explore

Most of your classes are probably going to be gen ed courses your first two years, so instead of randomly picking a class that sounds interesting, try killing two birds with one stone. Choose classes that can satisfy a requirement, but also relates to a potential major. That way you can explore more than one major at a time and still stay on track with your credits. Now is the time to explore your interests! So venture forth and take interesting classes!

Here are a few links to career and academic sources that can help you explore ALL of your options and finally find the perfect major for you!

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