Trust me, summer classes are the way to go!

My freshman year at IU was in the fall of 2007. I went in like most freshmans having no idea what I wanted to do. I ultimately ended up torn between two majors and two minors. I couldn't make up my mind so I decided to do both. My advisors told me there was no way I could graduate on time, but I was determined. I took summer classes all four years at IU and let me tell you, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! The classes are less crowded and professors have much more one on one time available. However, the campus and the downtown area are still just as exciting as they are during the regular semesters. It's IU but totally laid back. It's different from the fall/spring but in a great way. It definitely became my preference, I even took as many as 12 credit hours one summer! The course load is heavier because the class moves much faster, but the small class size and the ability to focus all your energy in one course makes it a piece of cake! There are so many summer classes I got "A's" in that I probably would have gotten "B's" or maybe even "C's" in had I taken them during the fall/spring. Even if you only take one they're a great way to knock a few hours off and still chill out with your friends during the summer. My advisors were shocked that I was finished on time!

Name: Jennifer H.
Hometown: Gary, IN.
Major: Telecommunications