The Full Story

As a student who doesnt have the luxury of parents who are willing to pay my way through college, I unfortunately have to work each summer to earn money. These "tuition cuts" don't help the average student, just those who can afford to pay for the extra semester and have the money to front their entire college education. These "tuition cuts" also dont help students on scholarships, since scholarships often dont cover summer semesters.

Additionally, there are better things for students to spend their summers doing. Students will miss out on awesome opportunities such as internships which are often necessary to get good full-time placement and which aren't available once a student graduates by taking summer classes. Students will also miss out on other volunteer and overseas experiences. My "summer class" was an internship. That was the right decision for me.

I wish IU would give students the facts and not use advertisements to persuade them one way or another. Just because more students enrolled in summer school means more money in IU's pockets (due to more continued use of facilities and other fixed capital), doesnt mean IU should push the plan and harm students who may be better off on another path. I'm sick and tired of hearing how these summer price cuts are such a good idea and so generous of the university, when normal tuition and housing is increasing at above the rate of inflation.

Name: Student
Hometown: South Bend
Major: Business