Summertime Classes Rocked!

I decided to take some of my more difficult classes last summer. My thought was that it would be better to take these classes when my class load was smaller. As it turns out, there were more reasons than "class load" to be happy with my choice to take summer classes. In addition to having less classes to concentrate on, I found that the BEST professors teach summer classes. Both of my professors had terrific student review and were very seasoned professors. It was a great way to avoid the "stickler graduate student" teachers. Additionally, the class sizes were smaller. My "Conception to Birth" class typically has 500 students in it, however for summer, we had about 30 students. With small numbers we were able to have more intimate discussions, with a little flexibility to go off topic on interesting subtopics. I found that with smaller class sizes, the professors were easier to reach for additional help. Finally, I found that my teachers were more relaxed. I felt like they gave me a break for taking classes in the summer. They knew I wanted to be doing something else and I was rewarded for making the effort in their summer classes. Overall I had a terrific experience and plan to take summer classes again!

Name: Tracey O.
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Major: Nursing