Summer Painting

Majoring in the fine arts during the fall and spring can be rough, especially when taking multiple three-hour studio classes back to back. Last summer, I took a watercolor class to fulfill a requirement for my degree while also working a part-time job. Even though the three hour class met every day, I enjoyed spending summer mornings traveling to painting locations around and outside of Bloomington. We painted on campus, as well as around Griffy Lake and Stranger's Hill Organic Farm. Can't argue with getting three credits for sitting in the sun with paints and brushes and a pad of paper. The class progressed at a good pace and the professor was easy-going. I had no trouble finding time for class and homework and still putting in plenty of hours at my job. Bloomington is wonderful and relaxing during the summer, and taking a couple of summer classes is a breeze compared to a heavier load during the fall or spring.

Name: Cassie Z.
Hometown: Clinton, IN
Major: General Fine Arts