Oh the Places You'll Go

I transferred from the "other" school after two years and wanted to complete my degree in the typical four years total. I lost around 12 credit hours switching schools and all my classes that did count, counted as electives. I was basically starting my major from scratch and summer courses were the only thing that saved my timeline. Just like any student, I didn't want to take classes during my summer break. I did the unthinkable and took classes both summer sessions with little break. Class every day of the week scared me, but it turned out to be fun. They are small groups of people whom you get to know and the work is fast paced to get you done quickly. Not only are they shorter, but they are less expensive than a regular semester. I remember all my summer courses and am thankful I had the experience. Bloomington is amazing during the summer!

Name: Sarah W.
Hometown: Wadesville
Major: SPEA Financial Management