I never wanted to take summer classes (why would anyone WANT to spend their summers in SCHOOL?), but had to in order to get my scholarship back before the fall semester. Summer classes ended up being the best semester I've had here at IU. The campus is already a beautiful place to learn, but during the summer when everything has bloomed, the sun always shines, and you don't bump into somebody every step you take, it is almost as good as vacation! Summer classes are more laid back because they are smaller, and the teachers are just as ready to get on with the rest of their days as the students. There is room everywhere to have classes outside, AWESOME! Plus, there are amazing HPER classes that you usually don't have time or space in your schedule for during the normal school year (kayaking was pretty amazing!) I am going to take summer classes again this year because of my experience last year. If you are going to be in town for the summer anyway, what's a couple hours a day for pretty easy As and the best semester available going to hurt?

Name: Tabitha J.
Hometown: West Lafayette, IN
Major: Anthropology