Best Season for Bloomington, Better IU Experiences

You know those nice sunny days on campus and on the town? That is every day in the summer. It may get a little hot, but chances are you will have a friend who lives in an apartment complex with a pool. If you are the person with the pool access, you will instantly become popular, if that’s what you want. Night swimming is a not so secret Bloomington summer tradition.
Since the summer semesters are shorter the classes are usually intensified. You only need to enroll in half of the credit hours as in the fall and spring to get the same challenge. But wait, the challenge is not the same. It is better. The class sessions are lengthened and scheduled for more than two weekdays. You get to connect to the professors and cover subjects and materials more thoroughly each day. All this may sound bitter sweet, but it gets sweeter.
The best part about the summer sessions is the calm. When so many of your fellow students leave Bloomington for the summer all traffic eases. It seems like the whole town is yours to enjoy at your leisure. Nothing is crowded accept parties and dance floors.
You get better classroom experiences, more space and peace in public, and fun and friendships that out shine the bad weather and hustle and bustle of fall or spring.
If you stick around Bloomington for the summer be sure to explore Cedar Bluff, Brown County, Lake Lemon, and Lake Monroe. If you like to stay in and watch dvds or vhs tapes IU libraries has more than enough to keep you covered. As long as you return them on time it is all free of charge.

Name: Adam F.
Hometown: Mishawaka, IN
Major: General Studies