Spring Break: Little 500 Style

Hey World!

Okay, I know I fail as a blog poster. In typical college student fashion, I came up with an excuse. My computer died. Oh but wait! It really did, I managed to drop my MacBook, basically rendering it unusable. The good people at the Union Technology Store were very helpful in getting me set up with a new one, one of the many perks of the IU Campus and the UITS technology support that it provides.

Anyways, on to Spring Break. I, like many college students spent long days out in the sun, working on my tan. Unfortunately while there were plenty of boys and parties, there was no beach. I stayed in Bloomington along with about 100ish other Little 500 cyclists for Spring Training Camp.

During Spring Break the Little 500 track is open 8 hours a day for riders to use. My team, Cru Cycling decided to stay and use the time to train and work on things like exchanges. Don't get me wrong, we had fun too but it really was a long week.

(Above) Hiking at Lake Griffy
Highlights Included:
  1. Getting knocked off my bicycle by my dad who was helping with exchanges.
  2. Going hiking with my team one morning, and carrying one of our rookies up a hill because she didn't want to get her shoes dirty.
  3. Early morning rides that made me feel like I was in the movie Pride and Prejudice.
  4. Having dinner with teammates from my summer road team, as well as Cru Cycling and Teter.

While some people might wonder why anyone would be willing to give up Spring Break in Florida to stay in Bloomington and ride in circles and get bruises all over instead of tans, for me it was a no brainer. I had an amazing week with my team, really getting to know the other girls. Plus I have the added benefit of being able to remember every single moment of it.

(Above) My frog friend and I

Quals are this coming weekend, and hopefully Cru Cycling does well. I'll be keeping you up to date about the process leading into Quals, and everything that follows, good or bad.


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