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 Hello internet world!

I've been procrastinating when it comes to my first blog post, and introducing myself. Stereotypical college student, right? You see, I was worried that it would turn into a sort of laundry list, or resume. As a junior I've been sending a lot of those out lately. But I would like to think that my experience at IU is so much more than a resume.

Let's start with probably the biggest thing in my life. Cycling! You have probably heard of Little 500, you know that week where everyone on campus goes crazy? What you may not know is that Little 500 was originally created as a fundraising event for working student scholarships. While it has grown since then at its core is a group of students who just want to race their bicycles. 

My dad started the tradition in my family. While in school he rode for Teter Wissler 5, finishing as high as 3rd, as well as having the distinct honor of being an extra in the move Breaking Away. When my brother came he too rode fir a Little 5 team, and after him it was my turn to catch the cycling bug. I started my freshman year on Wing It Cycling which finished 9th that year. Fast forward three years later and I am still loving every minute of it. Not only am I still riding Little 500 (as a team captain and rider for Cru Cycling), but I also race for the IU Collegiate Cycling Team, as well as a local team sponsored by Scholar's Inn Bakehouse. Let's just say during the spring and summer I spend pretty much every weekend at a race or cycling event of some sort.

Outside of Little 500 I am involved in the IU Underwater Science Laboratory. I am using this to compliment my BS in Environmental Science through SPEA. Not only this but I was recently accepted to the Accelerated Master's Program at SPEA, so I'll be around a few more years. On top of school and cycling, I work three jobs. IU has so many opportunities for students who like to be involved, and as I've learned its okay to say yes to everything....well almost everything. 

Anyways, that's me in a nutshell, or I suppose in a blog post. I hope to keep you entertained for the upcoming years.


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