Yesterday, Monday, in my art class, we had our second project's crit. (For those of you, like myself, who didn't know what a crit meant, it's a critique of your project after it's done.) It was a cardboard project that we only got 2 weeks, 4 class days to work on.

The goal of the project was to make an object out of cardboard. We got 2 huge sheets of cardboard to our disposal. Some projects other people made: a paintbrush, a playground, a grandfather clock, a Venus flytrap, a chandelier, an octopus, and a cupcake. I made Wall-e. The character from the Pixar classic. From the get-go I was really excited for this. I love small detail work and the likes, which this project was focusing on.

This is a bragging post, let me be honest. I am ridiculously proud of my project. I spent over 31 hours in the studio working on it, including class time and all. Well the critique went well because all of my classmantes are pretty nice. Even the not so good projects recieved good comments.

So I should probably talk about how this relates to IU. Haha. Well the SoFA, School of Fine Arts, is actually a pretty awesome program. I've only taken one class, but it's really fun so far. We have done a plaster project, and now this cardboard project. My teacher is a masters student, but she is really talented and actually has good advice on how to improve our projects.

On Friday night there was an MFA BFA show opening at the Grunwald Gallery. They had food! Which was delicious, but not as good as the art. There were so many different types of work and mediums used. There was one that used bubble gum! I thought it was cool at least. After I got inspired by looking at all the fabulous pieces, I stayed at the studio working on Wall-e until 3 am. And I still wasn't done. Haha. But it was worth it.

Here is my project. Feel free to ooh-and ahh.

Wall-e here is about 3 feet tall.

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