Walk to End Alzheimers'

This weekend I participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer's here in Btown. It was held at Bryan Park, which is kind of a hidden gem in my opinion. The event was to raise money for the Alzheimer's Association, which is conducting research to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease. There are a ton of people that participate, and they have a cookout afterwards, and there is also some music. People bring their dogs, and companies have some tables here and there. These are some logistics of the event, but it is truly so much more.

The Alzheimer's walk is very personal for me because I lost my Grandpa to this terrible disease. I watched him deteriorate and not remember who I was and dwell on memories that he could recall. It is something that I do not want anyone to have to go through, either suffer from or watch a loved one go through. That's why I walk to end Alzheimer's.

A little blip about my awesome Grandpa Ed because I think it's approporiate. He could play any instrument you can blow, and the trumpet was his speciality. He played for the troops over in Germany during WW2 to raise moral. He loved polka music and taught me how to polka when I was 3, maybe 4. He loved the Green Bay Packers (my family is from Wisconsin). I get my sweettooth from him, and he LOVED ice cream. Once my entire family went to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, and he took each cousin to get ice cream... individually. Which means he had like 9 ice cream cones over the day. He was goofy and had a boisterous laugh. One time my mom bought a kitty from the Humane Society and brought it up to WI to surpise my grandparents. They kept him and named him Romeo. My Grandpa loved that cat and fed it everything. He took him on walks on a leash. It was awesome. I have a tattoo on my foot to remember him (and my Grandma). I miss him.

So knowing what I was remembering during this walk, I hope you can understand that I bawled my eyes out in front of three organizations that I am a part of. My sorority (Alpha Gamma Delta) went, the psychology club, and the service frat I'm in were all there. I stepped away from them during the part when I knew the waterworks would come, and my friend took my hand and didn't say a word. It meant so much to feel supported and not judged. That was a great part of this walk. SO many people were gathered in order to support the same cause. We had all been somewhat affected by this disease, some more than others.

There were a ton of people there:

Check it out next year!

Peace, Love, IU

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