Tips for Dealing with that Junior Year Stress at IU

After a subtle hint from the WeAreIU director, I acknowledged the fact that I have been silent on this blog for a few months. As my first semester as a junior played itself out, I was dealing with a lot of issues and time management problems. I have heard from my family, friends, and random relatives on Facebook (seriously- why do my aunts spend all of their time on there?) that the fall semester of junior year tends to be the hardest. It definitely was for me. A lot of awesome things happened, like IUDM where we raised an amazing $2.6 million dollars and I cried my heart out because of the joy, or finishing my internship at the Boys and Girls Club and hosting an awesome art show, or even recruitment this year when I chaired preference round and now we have an amazing new pledge class. Maybe someday I'll share some of those awesome stories. However, I was in a haze and only focused on what wasn't happening for me, like my failed interviews, the issues I was having with my friends, or my boyfriend dumping me (and then getting engaged.) But luckily for everyone, it is a new semester, and with it brings new opportunities and a positive attitude. 

Everyone will go through a rough patch in college. If you don't, you are blessed. Anyways, here are a few helpful tips on how to keep your eyes focused on the light at the end of the tunnel. :)

  1. Keep your friends in the loop. You will need them, and if they know what is going on, it is much easier for them to understand why you are angry, or crying, or confused.
  2. That being said- you don't need to tell everyone about your bidness. You don't want to get the reputation of someone who is always in a bad mood.
  3. Focus on the good. You finished your homework on time, you had a great hair day, the cute person in class sat next to you. Life is good when you take in the small moments.
  4.  When you are stressed, do that thing that makes you happy. Whether it is watching Netflix all day on the futon (shoutout room 3), walking through Jordan woods, eating all the froyo you can eat at Red Mango (or Jiffy Treet if that's your thing), or taking in the art at the incredible Art Museum, do YOUR thing that makes you happy.
  5. Don't get behind on homework. That will just stress you out more.

Hope that helps. :)

Here are some things on campus/in Bloomington that I really love doing.

  1. Eating Red Mango. Or Orange Leaf. Or Jiffy Treet. What can I say- I have a soft spot for sweets.
  2. People watch on Kirkwood. A lot of characters hang out there, and it can be fun.
  3. Give back to others. I'm into philanthropy, and there is something about volunteering that makes my heart happy. This includes my time with my Dance Marathon family who have helped more than anyone.
  4. Look at the Western European Art section at the IU Art Museum. It's really beautiful.
  5. Go to an IU Basketball game. Or any sports event.
  6. Hike around Griffy Lake. Or find the fire tower in the Hoosier National Forest.
  7. Head to the IU Cinema. In the words of my roommate- "cheap movies and always classic."
  8. Hit up the Jordan Greenhouse or Hilltop Gardens. Some contained nature for the win.

But you will find what you love to do. Just know that you're not going through it alone. :)

This is taken at Hilltop Gardens at sunset.

Some friends and at at her parents tailgate before an IUFB game. (See look guys- I have friends.)

For my fellow juniors out there- let's conquer this together. For everyone else- you can do it too.

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