The Ultimate Tassel List

I've read many articles about the "IU Bucket List" during my time as a student. I took a different path in my time as a student at Indiana, and received a lot of support to follow through. I graduated a semester early, in December, and am now going to go backpacking around Europe in a week for 4 months... by myself. However, that's not what this post is about.

I encourage you to create a "Tassel List" - not a bucket list, because believe it or not, life does go on after graduation; for you and for those around you who still attend the most wonderful institution out there. While the following are things that I did with the help of my best friends during my shortened senior year, make your own list. I had a hard time reading other people's "bucket lists" because it made me feel like I was missing out on some essential things at IU. Remember that everyone is different, and someone else's list of things they must do before they graduate is going to look at lot different then yours. Maybe you want to visit the Buddhist Monastery, maybe instead you want to do an open-to-close at Kilroys. Whatever it is, make your list, and grab your buddies and do it. After all, you only graduate once.

Find your favorite spot in NATURE!

What? Trees? Outdoors? Yes- Bloomington is beautiful and go explore Brown County. My favorite? This waterfall at McCormick's Creek State Park.

This is my best friend Jon.
We jumped in on the first day of classes this year.

Definitely go to the Fire Tower at sunset.

Try going during the fall- you see a patchwork of color for miles.

Slide down a banister... for me it was at Alpha Gamma Delta.

Obtain a shacker shirt. What is a shacker shirt you ask?... I'll tell you when you're older.

Go to at least one theme party in an outfit that shows how weird you are.

Oh you're not weird? LIAR. Own it, and see how many compliments you get for being original.

That's Arthur and DW... AWESOME.

Go to Victoria's Secret and purchase an adult bra.

Yes, my friends had to accompany me, because it was an event. Also, sorry boys, this one is not for you. Unless you want to, which in that case- live your life.

The next few are for those 21+. It's a part of college. Bloomington has the best and cheapest bars you'll ever experience for the rest of your life. Learn it, live it, love it.

Go Sake Bombing.


Do pub trivia.

You'll never feel dumber even though you are receiving a college education.

This describes our friendship pretty spot on, and also taken while at pub trivia.

Go on a bar crawl.

Just do it. When else can you make a human pyramid in a bar and no one questions you?

Bring your parents to a bar.

Mom's Weekend, Dad's Weekend, any weekend. It's super fun to let them experience the bars with you, and also they buy all of your drinks- win win.

This is my mom and I at Kilroys.

And this is my Dad, getting carded at Brothers.

Go to a wine tasting at Oliver Winery.

Attend breakfast club, at least once.

Not many times in life will it be acceptable for you to rip shots at 5 am for a 4:00 football game. Plus, at KOK your cover includes breakfast, and a tshirt... touchdown?

Dress like an absolute fool,

and go to a bar. (This seems to be on my list numerous times. Let's be real- things are more fun in costume)

Halle and Me- the Dragon and the monster.

Pre- bar crawl. team MIME.

Get a tshirt on $3 holla at Roys.

Or go to Brothers. Basically, score a free tshirt.

Getting our tshirts- swag.

Now back to the things everyone at ANY age can do, because, I swear Mom and Dad, I did more than just consume beverages in college. I graduated Phi Beta Kappa and with highest distinction. But as the saying goes, work hard and play hard.

Spend a night in cabins in brown county...

my IUDM people know what this is about.

Do a mud run!

The Boys and Girls Club offers the Romp at Riddle Point in October

Tori, Julia, me, Jenna, and Jeanette- post mud-run and feeling fierce.

Jump in at the quarries.

My suggestion- don't actually look over the edge until you are jumping the first time. That's what I did, and I wasn't scared at all :)

Jackie, me, and Cappy- my favorite people in the world at the infamous quarries.


IU has the best tailgates, enjoy them before you have to join in at the alumni fields.

See a concert at the Buskirk Chumley.

It's an intimate crowd and a lot of fun. I went to Ingrid Michaelson and had a blast.

Take a first day of school picture and send it to your mother.

She will appreciate it.

Cheer on your Hoosiers at a football game... even if it's in the rain.

Tori, me, and Julia at the first game of the 2014 season.

Take a visit to the Observatory and check out the stars...

or the moon. If that's not your thing, go to the Kinsey Institute, or the Mahler museum, or the Grunwald Gallery. IU has a ton of really cool things to visit, take advantage of them,

This is a picture my friend Jon took through the telescope.

Eat your way through the open houses for any of the cultural centers.

They know what is up, and they love students who are interested in other cultures.

Sign up for an IU Outdoor Adventures class.

Do this every semester you possibly can. I took a white water rafting trip and it was incredible.

Root on the riders in the Little 500.

Whether you are Greek or not, these students still work really hard and they are basically professional athletes.

Take cheesy pictures with people you love in front of the Sample Gates and the Showalter Fountain.

This is my older sister. No we aren't twins.

An AGD tradition- the seniors jump in the fountain.

Jump into Showalter fountain.

Preferably on a warm day.

Take naps as often as you can.

Support a philanthropy

The Greek system as well as other organizations put a lot of effort into putting on events to raise money for awesome charities. Typically tickets aren't too expensive and there is normally a lot of food.

Run a 5k

Bloomington is fit and they know it, so there are a lot to choose from. Hate exercise? Volunteer at one instead. Them runners need water.

Visit Bradford Woods.

I finally got to cross this one off with my family.

Just hanging on the Giant Swing.

Road trip with someone you love.

\Whether it's just to Nashville or to the west coast. Travel with your friends and you'll never forget it.

Bounce in a bounce house.

What? Think that's not for college kids? You're wrong. Have you been on North Jordan during Little 500 or Homecoming? That's what I thought.

Join an organization that gives you purpose.

Find something that makes you a part of something that is bigger than yourself. For me, that thing was IU Dance Marathon. I will always look back at being a member of this organization with a swell of pride.

$3.2 million. THAT IS WHAT IT'S ABOUT.

Study abroad if you can.

I spent a summer in Salamanca, Spain, fell in love with travel, and now look at me -  about to backpack Europe for 4 months.

My grammar class in Salamanca.

Go to Cardio Hip Hop with Caleb.

You won't regret it.

Push yourself to your limits.

Whether it's taking a hard class, accepting an internship that will challenge you, or maybe working at a summer camp. Find yourself at your wits end, and grow from that experience.

Decorate your cap before you walk.

Get into your major.

It's your choice after all, so might as well be a nerd about it. Your department is celebrating it's big anniversary? Celebrate with them. Talk to your professors, and get to know your classmates. You're here for school... remember?

MOST IMPORTANTLY- find the people you love, and be a good friend to them.

You don't need to be friends with everyone, but find your people and let them make your college experience. Play Mario Kart with them on a Saturday night. Celebrate your victories as well as mourn your losses with Red Mango. Support them in their performances, whether it's a trumpet performance, or the Little 500. Snuggle in their bed. Go on hikes with them. Try out their favorite activities, even if you're terrible at them. Learn how to love them as well as yourself, because really, what else is college about?

Thank you to the family I created for myself while at Indiana University: Jackie, Cappy, Jenna, Devin, Jon, Halle, Amyra, Tate, Emilie, and Julia. Without you, college would have been a lot less fun.

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