Surviving a Long Distance Relationship

Hello all my lovebirds out there.

So when you decided to go to college, you had a choice to make- to keep your high school boyfriend or not and try to scope out some college hotties. Or you were single and ready to mingle. That is perfectly fine, but this post will not relate to you.

I am currently in a long distance relationship. GASP! What? How does she do it? Doesn't that suck? Well I am writing this post to tell you that it is possible to survive in a long distance relationship if you think he (or she) is the one. Ultimately, you need to choose for yourself, and while listening to other people's relationship advice is swell and all, you are the one in your relationship and no one knows it quite as well as you do.

So here is what I am currently doing to keep up my year and a half relationship. And yes, we have been long distance for the majority of that time. Judge if you will, but you don't just pass up a good thing when it comes to you. Here is a list (who doesn't love an easy list right?) of things that have helped me.

1. Talk. This seems dumb, but it's something I struggle with a lot. You are a busy college student after all. And your significant other has a life too. While I like to think my boyfriend will drop whatever to talk to me, it is often not the case. So when that dumb kid in class says something dumb, text them about it. The little things count too. Skype when you can.

2. I send a POD every day that I know he won't see me. Oh, curious as to what a POD is? Picture Of the DAY. Yes, I send a selfie everyday. I try to make it discreet, I'm not "that girl." So last year when the brains went up around campus, I took a picture of myself with them. Oh those cool bucket things in Ashton? Yep, snapped a pic with them too. I try to make it something new, that way he gets to feel like he is here. Or at least see me.

3. Send a love letter. Now girls, I don't think guys get as big of a kick out of this as girls do, but guys, do this. A postage stamp is nothing, and it's almost a guaranteed bonus of cool points to the boyfriend book. (I just made that book up, but hopefully you get it.)

4. Make the little things count. When you do get to see each other, enjoy their company and try not to fight. The time you have is precious and make it fun.

5. Have an iPhone? Play games with them. My favorite is Hanging with Friends. A little competition never hurt anyone.

6. Remember their schedule. If they tell you something they are doing that is really important to them, then remember. Write it on a post-it note and they will never know the difference. It sucks to have stuff you are really into forgotten. 

This has worked for me, but if it doesn't work for you, please don't hate me. I'm just trying to share the love.

This is us. How awesome. At a lake.

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