Sisterhood from the Alpha Gam Futon- IU

During recruitment the go to answer for why you want to join a sorority is, "I'm really excited to become a part of the sisterhood." That's fine and dandy, but it's literally what everyone says. It's what I said. But as a PNM (potential new member, aka someone going through recruitment) I had no idea what I was really getting myself into. Sisterhood is hard to explain to someone because it involves all the little things that you take for granted. It's all the times that become normal to you but really show that you are loved, not to be overly mushy.

Today I was taking mental notes as I spent a good amount of time on the futon in my shared room (shoutout Room 3). I'm going to walk you through the sisterly things that happened on or near our futon today.
- I woke up to find our lovely fifth roommate, Tate snuggled up on the futon. She lives with us "unofficially" but basically officially. We love her enough to put up with her clothes taking over the storage under the TV, and her obsession with Frozen.
- At 6:00am I left for bootcamp, without waking up the sleeping beauty mentioned above. I went to the gym with two other sisters, whose mutual support got my butt out of bed so early.
- Later in the morning (after a breakfast of made to order eggs, a needed shower, and an even more needed return to bed) I came back downstairs to find Tate disappeared, but Cappy at her desk. She smiles and offers a bubbly hello. Cappy asks me what bus I'm taking even though I walk to class, because among my roommates, everyone includes everyone else. It's weird, but awesome to have found this.
- After class I came back and had a reading date with my other roommates Jackie and Madi. Reading is definitely my favorite thing to do in my free time, and it was nice to be together and not have to fill the silence. These women accept the nerd in me, and I accept the nerd in them- the Dr. Who, One Direction, Harry Potter lovers in all of them.
- Today I had a Skype interview with a summer camp job. While preparing my notes on the futon, I had so many girls come in and wish me luck. They remembered that I had an interview, and then later they asked me how it went.
- Afterwards I came back into my room with a modge podge of people hanging out on the futon. It's cool because random people just come into the room and pop a squat to catch up with you. It definitely makes a girl feel welcome.
- After dinner, my little and I sat on my futon and caught up. Emilie is probably one of my favorite people in the entire world. We took Buzzfeed quizzes, watched House of Cards, and chatted. (Check this one out- I got Norway:
- Since I got back from an amazing Greek Cru event where 13 of my sisters went with me, I've plopped on the futon and been procrastinating homework and laughing at/with my roommate Jackie.

Basically this futon sees a lot of love in a day. I know it's hard to explain friendship, but being in a sorority gives you a purpose to want to reach out to all of these amazing women I live with.

Cappy, me, Jackie, and Madi- Room 3. Represent.

Whoever you are and wherever you live, I hope you find true love like this.

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