Show Off In Spanish Class

Today my S328 class got back our tests that we took last Friday. This particular test, I studied consistently for about a week for. You know how teachers say that you shouldn't cram (my personal favorite study method)? Well this time I actually didn't! I studied my little booty off all week. Well today we get the tests back and my Spanish teacher says (in Spanish, but since some of you may not be as highly cultured as I am, it'll be in English... and since it's later than usual, and I don't feel like translating) "Most of you guys got As, so I'm thinking that the next test will have to be harder." Como say WHAT? In case you are wondering, yes I got an A. No I do not want to have the next test be harder! I deserved it! So for the next couple of minutes my class tried to convince her that we all just worked really hard. We'll see if we were successful. Spanish poetry is not an easy subject after all.

I know, I know. That doesn't give you any reasons why you should go to IU. But you should. Because our Spanish teacher's are pretty awesome. And my friend Jake who is in German says his professors are pretty cool too.

For all I am aware of, the only people who read this are those who I send it to on Facebook, so if this is someone I don't know, who is actually interested in coming to IU, then do it! But don't do it because you think IU is the easier Indiana school. It still is college and there are still difficult classes. Ask anyone in Kelley. But it is rewarding too, I guess. Being able to ramble on, in Spanish, about Spanish poetry is a pretty cool skill. Take what you love, then when you learn something cool, you can show off too.

Win Today.

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