Quals 2012 and So Much More! Spring in Btown

Hello all! Hope you all are enjoying this allergy-inducing weather as much as I am!

Last Saturday was Quals for the Men's and Women's Little 500 bike race. I'm in a sorority and we have a bike team, so I got to cheer for them as well as my neighbor who is also on a bike team! If you don't know what happens, here it is. Each team is given a time slot that they qualify in. Then their fans and supporters go at that time and scream their faces off, and the team rides. It's not a race, just their team on the track, going as fast as possible. Little 5 is a huge IU tradition and this kicks off the spring season. The riders have been training for a long long time so Quals is an awesome and exciting event.

After Quals, my sorority went to the frat that we are paired with for Little 5 to hang out. I threw a football around with some of my sisters and learned that frat guys make up some pretty fun games. For instance, there were two boxes used for carrying mail at some distance apart. Then one team (two guys) would throw a Frisbee and the opposite team would try and smack it in the bin.

But that's not all the exciting news for this week. Last night were ITTs for Little 5, where each individual rider is timed. They get an individual split. It's also exciting. I never thought I would watch so much bike racing and enjoy it, before I came to IU.

If you check out http://idsnews.com/news/multimedia/media.aspx?id=546&type=pg#!&pn=22, you can see some pictures from ITT last night, courtesy of the lovely IDS (our newspaper). The big one is my friend/pledge sister getting ready to race.

This weekend is a busy onefor me. I have my sororities semi-formal tomorrow and my roommate and I are hosting a "brother" for the service fraternity we are both in, so we will have a dorm guest. Then Saturday I am painting banners with my sorority, and my actual sister's sorority is having their mom's weekend, so my mom will be down here too. Then later that night, I have a banquet for APO (the service frat) where we get to go to Wonderlab! Wonderlab is in Bloomington, and it is a hands on learning place where kids can go to learn about science and other cool stuff. Moving forward. On Sunday, I am going to be canning for RILEY'S ROAD RULES through IUDM where we go hit the road and can in a city outside of Bloomington. I'm excited. Plus I have homework, so it looks like I won't be getting much sleep!

And now I'll leave you with a photo from last Saturday. I do love dorm life (sometimes). =] I would never trade these girls for air conditioning, even if I could.
The beautiful Andee and Halle

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