NASA: the Business of Space

I met an Astronaut. I shook hands with someone who was in space and played on a satellite. I took pictures with someone who drank Coke in a solid-ish form. How many people get to say that?

One of my sorority sisters who is also in the Kelley School of Business, Betsy Paul, organized a talk series with NASA hot shots.

William Gerstenmaier- NASA- he is the guy who talks to Congress about the space program.

Joe Allen- former astronaut

Dan Dumbacher- NASA

Cleon Lacefield- representative for Lockheed Martin- a huge provider for NASA.

If that is not a distinguished panel, I do not know what is. It was so interesting to attend a talk with people who had better stories than I will ever have. 

This is Joe Allen. He was in SPACE. Like OUTER SPACE. He got to be in zero-gravity. He had an awesome talk and incredible pictures of his experience that was out of this world. (See what I did there?) He showed a video of him being put into a storage locker in space for fun. I guess when you are with the same 3 people for 2 years you get pretty comfortable with them.

Since this was a lecture aimed at business students, and myself being a psychology major, I did not really quite grasp all the other concepts they were talking about. There was a lot of talk about where they get their funding and how they convince Congress and business aspects of NASA. It was an awesome talk though.

So I'm sure you have heard that NASA has lost a lot of funding because of budget cuts. But there is a way we can help. We can write to our legislators and ask them to keep funding the space program. It is a really important program. We have to make the difference. I can't give you all the reasons in this small blog post, but I encourage you to get involved and research some of the awesome things that NASA is going to do.

By 2033 (or a year around there), NASA wants to send a person to MARS. Mars. Like another planet. Right now there is a rover on Mars, which is big news to begin with. Also, NASA works closely with other countries and is keeping the peace between space programs.

They are an incredible organization, and I am so proud of Betsy Paul for organizing this event. Good job girl.

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