Little 500 2012: What It Meant To Michaella

So if you have older friends or siblings who have gone to IU or if you generally live in Indiana, you have heard about what Little 500 is. Our rivals to the north like to try and out-do us with Grand Prix, but we all know whose event is better. Our Little 5 riders train all year round, while Grand Prix is go-karts or something? Anyways, I am here to enlighten you about how fantastic Little 5 week is.

The week starts off on Sunday with Little 50, the running race. Teams of four compete in relays to be the first to finish 50 laps. Runners go in rotations of 400s, or one lap around the track. This year I was lucky enough to be able to run for my sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta. We qualified at 14th and finished in 13th! That means we moved up a place, which is awesome. The run clubs always enter a few teams, and this year, the Cream team ended up on top (in the women's race... I was exhausted, so I left before the boys ran.) This link is to the Facebook page of an awesome photographer (also one of my sorority sisters!) who took pics of the men's and women's race.

All week there is stuff going on. There were a few concerts, like Tiesto and Sublime. Most sororities and fraternities pair up and have fun theme parties throughout the week too. But all of these awesome things are meant to lead up to the actual BIKE RACE!

This year the women's race took place on Friday night, the first year it was "under the lights." Unfortunately, it was pouring down rain and -23 degrees outside (an exaggeration, though that's what it felt like), but the riders still kicked some major booty. Delta Gamma won the women's race, with an impressive finish. Having been my first Little 500, it was quite an experience. The exchanges were crazy, the crashes were intense, and the crowd was riveted. I don't know how to quite describe in words the experience, because it was just that... an experience. The race was awesome, but so was the crowd. The weather was only okay, but that was a part of it too. When you become a Hoosier, do not miss out on the race. You should go at least one. It's incredible.

How can you turn that down?

The men's race had much nicer weather, and Delts won their first title ever. As a Greek, I feel proud that the non-Greek team, the famed Cutters, did not win. But feel free to root for whoever! The crashes were intense as well and a couple of them happened right in front of where I was sitting.

There's my VERY general way of describing Little 500. Come see for yourself!

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