Jill Behrman 5K

THE One and only Jill Behrman 5K took place this Saturday here in Bloomington. The SRSC puts on a 5k every year (for almost 13 years now I think). This year it was a color run, and it was fantastic.

The reason there is a JB5k is because a while ago Jill Behrman left for a solo bike ride and never came back. It turns out that she was murdered, and the JB5k was enacted in order keep her memory alive and also to raise awareness to issues of violence in our community.

On Friday I volunteered at the SRSC handing out packets, and putting them together and all that fun stuff. It was cool because I got to actually meet Mr. Behrman (Jill's Dad). He is probably one of the jolliest people I've met in a long time. He was so helpful, I think he was probably there all day. He handed the volunteers the tshirts that people asked for, and guessed sizes pretty accurately if I do say so myself. The volunteering was pretty simple, and I got to make some cool connections.

But the actual color run event was awesome. It started at the SRSC, and there were a billion people doing it. That's an accurate number ;). Just kidding, but it was really cool, because at the start line, me being in the middle/back region, I looked up the hill and there was just a mass of white tshirts. It was quite a site to see. So off we go, and we get to right between the HPER and the art museum, and it's our first station- yellow. They throw paint powder at you, and it's cool. We keep running through campus and there is one more color station- green, before the finish line. Then after we finish, we picked up a color pouch, and there was a "color zone."

After a lot of people finished, they set off the color war, or something awesome. Everyone took their powder and threw it at people, or in the air, or on themselves. By the time you're done, you are covered and it's awesome. I don't really know how to describe it, but it's a neat experience. I got inside scoop from some higher ups at the SRSC, there is a color run planned for next year. So if you missed out this year, you have at least one more year to get your fill!

There is probably a different 5K every weekend, so if you are athletic be on the lookout. I know that Phi Delt hosts a 5k, there is Hoosiers Outrun Cancer, Bloomingfoods 5k, JB5k, and more.

Peace, love, Hoosiers

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